Create28 / Remixing a Sweater + Link-Up

This little reddish menswear sweater is super versatile and brings great color in grey/black/neutral wardrobe. I think it’s a little “lucky” for me because I wore it to the interview for the job that now have! I also wore that pencil skirt that I featured yesterday. I guess I was trying to be a little professional powerhouse without over-doing it…. Read More

#thefierce50 ~ Meet Amy

Today is the day! It’s the 50th day of the year. It’s also the day when many bloggers out there are rallying around each other to celebrate being in their 50’s. It’s my pleasure today to introduce you to Amy who blogs at  Be sure to stop by and join the conversation on her blog! It is such a… Read More

Create28 / The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt. Can I be honest? I don’t love them. It’s true. I am the true lover of the A-line or the soft flirty skirt. Maybe its just this pencil skirt because it seems a little high-waisted to me. Or maybe because I feel exposed in pencil skirts is why I don’t love them. Whatever the reason is, I… Read More

Create28 / Stripes

Do you want to know something fun about blogging friends?  Sometimes they understand your style even better than you do!  Take this shirt, for example.  Carrie picked it out for me!  She totally nailed it by choosing a pretty peplum in my favorite pattern: stripes! Speaking of stripes, I was reorganizing a portion of my closet the other day and… Read More

faves on friday

Happy Friday! Just sharing a short little post with my faves from this week. My top five and I hope they will be your faves too. 1. Since Whitney and I started a new Monday Link-Up {A Beautiful Melange} I have perused through the links. This week Fabes Fashion featured a gorgeous pink sweater which was perfect for Valentine’s Day…. Read More

Create28 / Vests

We are over half through Create28 and I am just super excited about the prompts that I’ve had and will be featuring. The reason behind that statement stems from the realization that I continue to determine what pieces I gravitate toward, what gives me confidence, makes me feel put together and polished + what I truly love and don’t in… Read More

Create28 / Under-Layered + Link-Up

Last week, I mentioned my most-used method of layering, over-layering.  I say most-used because when in doubt, throw a cardigan on over your outfit, am I right?!  But while I layer this way most frequently, under-layering is actually my favorite!  Whenever I think to throw a collared shirt underneath a sweater (like I’ve done here) or under a dress, I think… Read More