Be Your Beautiful!

Beauty // Beautiful Everyone has their own idea of beauty and what is beautiful. What is beauty or beautiful to one is not necessarily to another. Beauty is in eyes of the beholder in many ways. But by definition: Beauty: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight Beautiful: pleasing the… Read More

Enjoy & Delight / 3

I’m feeling the need to do a PSA {Public Service Announcement}. Ever since I moved this ole blog over to its new name, I cannot get my Mail Chimp account to cooperate. Technology is great but sometimes the person at the keyboard struggles with using it. That person is me and I’m truly sorry that my emails are coming with… Read More

Mustard Love Again + Co-Hosting

Big shout-out today to Nicole at High Latitude Style for having me as her Co-Host today for the Top of the World Style Link-Up. If you haven’t been by her blog, I hope you’ll stop by today for a visit. Did I mention she’s a real life scientist and author? Well, there you go and now you know. Impressive! Today… Read More

Rain & Roma Boots + Link-up

Rain. I’m not really a fan of it and especially when it encompasses an entire weekend. Cold + rain days really drive me indoors to hibernate in warmth under a blanket. Add to that some coffee and a great book and I won’t complain one minute {except about the rain}. Since I can’t avoid getting out in the rain eventually,… Read More

The Best Finds at Aldi

Grocery shopping. Love it or Hate it? I actually enjoy grocery shopping when the store isn’t crowded. I like food and I like shopping for it. Is that weird? Truth is I’ve liked to grocery shop since I was a kid. I enjoyed pushing a cart down the aisles and looking at the variety of items to choose from. It… Read More

Enjoy & Delight / 2

Friday! I just love ‘em. I really love Friday when I know I have a holiday on Monday. Thankful that Martin Luther King, Jr. was given a day of official recognition for his incredible leadership during the Civil Rights Movement. I know everyone does not get this day as holiday but I wish you did! Celebrate those who make great… Read More

These Pants + Velvet

These pants. I do love them because they have an Audrey Hepburn feel to me. That’s a great place to start except I get hung up on what to wear with them. It seems like they are destined to always be paired with a black turtleneck. That is a fabulous look. I’ve done it before and featured it on the… Read More