A Contentment Challenge

Have you ever heard of a Contentment Challenge? If not, today is the day! Yay, for something new! I think contentment goes hand in hand with yesterday’s post about gratitude. Yes, these are things I want to cultivate in 2016.

Basically, I tend to struggle with being content. In a world of constant stimuli to encourage me to want more stuff, it is a daily choice to say no. And “no” is not always as easy to generate in my mind. “Yes” is much easier but not necessarily better! Being content is a choice and one I’m trying to choose right now in 2016.

To be honest, if I will train myself to be grateful for all things then I will learn to be content. Will it be easy? No, it won’t. Will it bring more peace in my life? Yes! I can already see the fruit of this as I have chosen to stop shopping for clothes for three months. Not browsing in stores or online has created a love for the clothes I already own. I realize I have so much already and so much that I really love. That is a blessing and something I’m grateful for, which in turn has caused me to be content. Do you see how that works?

Okay, your turn…are you practicing gratitude? Are you practicing contentment? If not, why not try it? If you are, how’s it going? Do you need a little challenge to help you with this endeavor? Well, I’ve found a few older posts that are similar and all related to contentment. Contentment Challenges for you to peruse and help you on your quest {and mine} to be satisfied. By the way, satisfied is one of my words this year.

So back to the Contentment Challenge…Well, it first started here with Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge. That led me to read the similar one at Brave Love Blog and her Contentment Challenge and finally to my lady of inspiration this year, Lara Casey and her Contentment Challenge. Great ideas to ponder and inspire you, I hope.

Friends, I hope you’ll join me on these journeys because really you have lots to gain and nothing to lose!



  • Finding contentment has been a personal commitment of mine for several years now (although I'm not always super focused on it at all times). I think "happiness" can be too difficult a feeling to strive for but contentment is achievable :)
    • Agreed, friend! We can choose to be content but happiness is fleeting and is based on circumstances. I believe I can choose to be content regardless of circumstances. It might be difficult but doable!
  • I could not agree with you more my friend. I have found that my focus on being content with the contents of my closet has helped be to be content with other areas of my life.
  • That is something I really struggle with too, and in fact I chose "contentment" as my word to focus on last year to help me be more content. I think it takes daily reminders for me to really feel more content, so I like the idea of a "contentment challenge". I'm going to go check these out, thank you!