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It’s time for another round of the The Blended Blog Asks. This time it’s the Back-to School Edition. I’m super excited for these questions because I have always loved school. Whether I’m a teacher or student or neither one, I still love everything about this time of year.  Below are my responses to these great school questions. Hope you enjoy! Spoiler Alert…they might be interesting pictures in this post.

1. I LOVED school and still do. To be honest, there were some years that school was difficult at least on the social front but all in all I’m always a student at heart.

2. We started school before Labor Day and typically my birthday was the during the first day or first week of school. This is the reason my mom kept me home until I turned six otherwise I would have been the youngest in my class. Good decision, Mom! I think being one of the oldest served me well.

3. I still wake up an eager beaver! Always something to accomplish each and every day!

4. I don’t remember really much for breakfast in the later years but when I was young and spent mornings with my grandparents, my favorite was homemade bread toasted. Just typing this makes me wish for one more slice….

5. I did love cereal especially Captain Crunch, Honeycomb, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Lucky Charms and yes even Wheaties! Do they sell any of those anymore?

As I remember, these were Lucky Charms cereal: pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. Pure and unadulterated, before blue diamonds and purple horseshoes and rainbows and balloons and... what's next? #CPirishluck

6. Did anyone wear uniforms in the 70’s? If so, it didn’t happen in a small town in Iowa. I for one always loved dressing myself and being somewhat of a fashionista.

7. Always a new outfit for the first day of school. Sometimes my mom was sewing me a new blouse the night before. It happened!

8. I walked to school in the younger years but occasionally took the bus. I stopped doing that when I got overheated one day and threw up on the bus. I was ridiculed for that unfortunate event and was utterly so embarrassed that I wouldn’t get on the bus again for quite some time.

9. We carried our books in our arms. No backpacks or bags that I remember.

10. I don’t remember ever packing a lunch. I do remember carrying a lunch ticket and having it punched. School lunches all the way!

Image result for school lunch tickets from 1970's

11. Loved little chocolate milk cartons which were a treat by the way.

12. If I took my lunch it wasn’t it a paper bag. I remember lunch boxes but not really taking my lunch.

Image result for lunch boxes from the 60sImage result for lunch boxes from the 60s

13. I loved to play Red Rover! In the winter, the tennis court at our elementary would be flooded by the maintenance staff and it freeze. Many of us brought ice skates to school and that made for the best of times at recess!

14. My favorite back to school item had to be {and probably still is} pens and pencils.

15. Dry erase boards? Didn’t exist…and honestly, my first year of teaching I used chalkboards.

16. I don’t remember mechanical pencils when I was in school but now they are my absolutely favorite!

17. Homework was tackled after dinner.

18. My favorite snack growing up was pretzels or crackers.

19. I loved watching reruns of The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island {I mean my maiden name was Thurston} and The Munster’s once we had cable when I was in high school.

Image result for brady bunch

Image result for gilligan's island

20. I did enjoy English and History the most.

21. I wasn’t a fan of Math but I truly despised Chemistry.

22. My best friend in high school was Jody.

23. Our school mascot was an Indian.

24. ACT – hated it!

25. I would say my Junior year was the best!

26. Class ring for sure!

27. My 35th reunion was this past summer. Sadly, I’ve never been back for any of them.

I thought it would be fun to share some evidence of my school years. Most of these are Junior High and High School but the first two are from Elementary.

school picsPlease be sure to stop by and visit some of the sweet ladies with The Blended Blog and read about their Back to School adventures.

Thanks for reading and stopping by today! Have a great week!

~Carrie xoxo








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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Wasn't this so fun!! Aww beautiful then and now!! I LOVED reading your answers. I too thought the lil chocolate milk cartons were such a treat. And you, my friend are the sweetest treat! Enjoy your day!!
    • Thank you for reading and commenting...yes, to little chocolate milk any day!
  • I really feel like i need a giant bowl of Lucky Charms lol so good! I didn't like chemistry either... ew
    • I would love to join you...if we were neighbors and I was doing your laundry. That would be perfect!
  • Katie Mitchell
    Love the pics!! You haven't changed a bit!! I hated Chem too...I blocked that out...LOL
    • Boo to Chemistry!! Sorry for the reminder sweetie!
  • Love those pictures of you!!! Also- Gilligan's island was my fave lunch time show.
    • Oh, Gilligan + Thurston Howell III...I could never live that one down.
  • Oh I love your pictures!!! Ice skates at school? How amazing is that?? I can't imagine them allowing that these days...
    • They would never let kids ice skate today. So glad I grew up when I did!
  • Mother of 3
    They sell all of those cereals still; my boys eat them all. I LOVED Captain Crunch; particularly the peanut butter variety!
    • We are Captain Crunch buddies for sure! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    Oh, I just loved seeing all of your h.s. photos! You def. were on trend with the hairstyles! I loved Red Rover, too! I forgot all about that game till I read your post! Carrie
    • Those hairstyles just make me cringe but I was sorta a trend watcher and doer back in the day. Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Love all your class pictures! My mom has mine somewhere - I should go look for them!
  • I wish I had planned ahead to find pictures! I'm enjoying seeing everyone's pictures; it's funny how different styles changed throughout the years! The makeshift ice skating rink sounds so cool (hardy har har). That might have made me like recess a little more. Of course, in Middle Tennessee, it wouldn't have lasted more than a day, but a girl can dream! ;)
    • Ice skating made those freezing recesses worth it. I can't believe how we stayed out when it was so cold. Thanks for stopping by!
  • Stopping by from Tuesday Talk! I loved reading your answers and seeing all the pictures. My kids love all the cereal that you mentioned - I did, too!
    • Thanks, Stephanie for stopping by today.
  • Loving all the school photos! I loved watching the Brady Bunch!
    • Thank you! Bradys all the way!
  • Roseann Hampton
    I love all of your nostalgic pictures! Growing up in the 70's was definitely an adventure!
    • Oh, the 70's! So fun to look back though! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • I love all your school pictures! My best friend in elementary school was named Jodi. Lisa Daily Style Finds
  • I LOVE seeing your school pictures! So So fun! I missed out on posting mine for TBB. Maybe I'll get a post done for picture day this school year!