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Welcome to Create28 Winter Friends Edition! I can’t believe my Create28 baby is one year old. I’m excited to be sharing prompts this year with Whitney, Casey and a few of our blogger friends. I hope you’ll be inspired through this series. Winter can be long at times and with any season there is a tendency to become bored with the current wardrobe. Journey with me as I take a look back to last year and a fresh look for this year at what I wore and what I’m wearing.

First up is my favorite go-to look from last year. I would wear this again in 2016 but I purged the cardigan. I’m not sure if that was a good choice or not but my reasoning was that I simply didn’t love it. It was an okay piece but it didn’t wow me. Unfortunately, I missed thinking through its basic versatility. I miss having it a little bit but in the end it doesn’t make or break my wardrobe. It is something I might want to re-purchase in the future but if I do it will be a piece of better quality. Oh, I also let go of that belt and the shoes too.



My new favorite look was one I didn’t think I would actually wear but when I did I loved it. It has great color and killer pattern. I totally feel put together in this look. What made me overlook wearing this blouse and sweater together is the old matchy-matchy. I thought it might not have enough interest but with the pattern in the blouse, it works. This particular cardigan has a little menswear flair to it and the blouse is simply modern and yet it works. It’s really a spring piece and when I was purging I almost let it go. I decided to try it with my winter pieces and I found it works there as well. Verdict – I’m glad that I kept it.

favorite go-toI’ve been working on keeping my accessories a little more simple to keep from being overworked. I have found as I study myself a little more, I tend to like less these days.

fave go-to

This particular color is also a favorite of mine. What colors do you gravitate toward? Do you have comfort colors and favorite colors? Do you have any you avoid completely? This is probably one of my best colors and also a favorite. You can add your favorite go-to look on Instagram and use #create28winterlooks.

fave close-up

And since it’s Monday, it’s time for our link-up. Thanks to everyone who joined in last week. Whitney, Casey and I enjoyed reading your posts and searching for our favorite looks. Can’t wait to see what you lovely ladies link up this week.

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Each week we choose a favorite…check out Casey & Whitney’s blogs to see if it’s you! My favorite this week is a post by Emma Peach  from Style Splash . She styled a beautiful red coat. I’m a sucker for a read coat {I have a couple of my own}. She also revealed a perfect little leopard print dress underneath. Red + leopard = always stunning. She is just perfectly styled in this look and I adore it, don’t you? I hope you’ll stop by and read her post here.

Red J Jasper Conran coat


Now let’s get linking! We like to keep things simple around here. Just link up your favorite posts–fashion, beauty, food, DIY, anything goes! Follow your hosts on social media, have fun and be inspired! Thanks for linking up!We have added a Pinterest board where we’ll be pinning looks and an Instagram hashtag. Feel free to add #lovelylittlealamode to your looks on Instagram that you link up with us.


I am shopping my closet for this Create28. I’m also taking a break from shopping and finding it quite enjoyable and refreshing. Like with most things, it’s better with friends, right? If you’re interested in jumping on that journey and would like some encouragement along the way, sign up below to get invited to the Facebook group, “Let’s Be Shop Free for 3″.

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  • vanity andme
    I'm still trying to find the snake print blouse, it's an item I cannot forget and I want one! Thank you for hosting Laurie x
    • I actually found it last year at Target. It was one of those special designers that were just there for a short time. Hope you find one!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Hello gorgeous! Too funny, I have a snake print blouse in rotation to wear to work this week. And blue is such a good color for you, looks divine with your pretty skin!! Have a great start to your week!!
    • Yay! We are tracking down the same train of thought. Can't wait to see yours pretty lady!
  • Snake print! I will have to keep my eye open for something like that.
    • It's a nice change from leopard print.
  • I remember that outfit from last year! Happy 1 year anniversary!
  • I love your look from last year but I think I like today's look even more! I think it's that pretty blue color--I don't think it's too "matchy" at all with the cardigan--it just goes perfectly! It looks great on you too!
    • It is a really good shade of blue....not hard to see why it's a favorite. Thanks for stopping by friend!
  • Happinessatmidlife
    I hate when I purge something and then see it on the blog and miss it. I love the new cardigan, the blue is so pretty on you! Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week! Alice Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.
    • Agreed, Alice! I would never miss it if I didn't have blog evidence.
  • Love how you styled these patterns! Gorgeous looks. -xox Mary
    • Thank you, sweet Mary!
  • I can see why you gravitate towards the blue - it's gorgeous on you! So excited for Create28 - I need help figuring what to wear next from my closet!
    • Thank you, friend! Blue is probably one of my best colors but everyone in my family as well. LOL
  • Darcy
    I really like the printed top under the blue cardigan.
    • Thank you, Darcy! I'm so glad I kept it after all.
  • Lots of nice outfits!
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  • LOVE that color of blue, it's one of my favorites, it's super flattering on you! Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy
  • Leanne Price Heern
    oh my word! I never comment on your blog, but you look AMAZING in that blue cardigan, patterned blouse, and jeans.... perfection.... I pinned it! I gravitate a lot towards that color blue and lately yellow (I think because I'm so COLD here in Northwest Indiana!)
    • Wow, thank you so much! You made my day and so glad you stopped by and were inspired. Enjoy your week!
  • I don't know when matchy matchy turned into a bad thing...because I love the look of a well-matched outfit! And this one is no exception! This is truly a "you" outfit :)
    • Thanks, friend! I feel encouraged. :)
  • Emma Peach
    Thank you so much for featuring me...that has really made my day! It'll certainly keep my spirits up as I attempt to hang wallpaper for the first time ever later today! I love your pretty blouse, it looks great with the blue cardigan. Although I'm usually drawn to red (but you already guessed that!) I do love bright blue. I really need to have a wardrobe purge but I'm just hopeless at letting go of stuff! Thanks for hosting, I hope you have a great week! Emma xxx
    • Hanging wallpaper does not sound fun at all but I hope it goes well. Purging isn't all that bad but you have to be ready.
  • I truly love both. The new look is brighter but I love me some earth tones.
    • Thanks, Leslie! I will always love earth tones too!
  • You made a cardigan look so chic! Love the blue shades