Create28~Stripes Then & Now

It’s Stripes Day at Create28 Winter Friends Edition.

As I looked back at my featured outfit from last year using this prompt, I have to honest with you. I liked putting the look together but wearing it was a whole different thing. That look was not me.

I was gifted the top to review and I did like it. It was soft and comfy and easy to style several ways, but in the end it wasn’t me. It did not make the purging cut or the winter capsule. The reasons behind that were:

  • the piece wasn’t really me
  • the piece was actually too big
  • the piece didn’t wow me
  • bottom line – I didn’t love it


Instead of that look, the outfit that I put together a year later is me. Yes, I would wear it and yes, these items made the purging cut. Why this and not that? I like fitted clothing better than loose and flowing. I am short (5’2″) and have a small frame, which means too much material can overwhelm me. It has taken me awhile to embrace having clothing fit and touch my body. I have learned that fit is extremely important so I have taken the time to get used to allowing clothing to actually fit or hug my body. Skinny jeans were so hard for me to embrace but finding the right pair made all the difference. This pair is my go to on a weekly basis. These are from The Limited and I always recommend their pants because they seem to fit well.

stripe blouseI don’t always leave a blouse untucked but because this is fitted it works and I like the look.


stripes close-uo

To make the first easy look more complete, I tucked the blouse and added a sweater. Perfect for a Saturday outing or when the temps are chilly but not cold. Again, this look fits my style, personality and lifestyle.




In the end, working through what works and what doesn’t can take some time. It was and continues to be a process but the end result is I feel much more put together and less frumpy. I am cultivating a wardrobe I love! Can you relate? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Join us tomorrow when Casey is up and featuring a Sporty Look. Don’t forget to add your look to Instagram using the hashtag #create28winterlooks.

Enjoy your day, lovely friends!



  • Amy
    HI Carrie - I LOVE this year's stripe style. I have all of those items in my closet and love the put together look as well. I've enjoyed following your "find your style" journey. The flowy top looked super cute on you, but this year's look is just as adorable, but a bit more classic. I'll be copying this year's look for sure!
    • Hi Amy! This made my day to know someone has been following this journey of mine. Thanks for letting me know. This is a great casual and put together look that will be easy to copy. Enjoy it when you try it!
  • Love the pearls with the stripes!
  • Stacey Keeling
    Love this post! We all have to dress in a way that flatters our figures. I'm a pear shape with a small waist. All of these adorable flowy clothes look terrible on me! I know it's so in here in Texas but no matter how I try, I just don't feel pretty in them. Can you please share where you found your fitted blouse?
    • Hi Stacey! I found the fitted blouse at H&M right before Christmas. I think they might have it more color options across the seasons but I'm not completely positive. Hope you can find it. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week!
  • Saxon
    The second look is SO much more you! I love it.
  • So pretty! I love the pearls too. I had intended to join you with a striped outfit today. Then I spent the whole day in the office working on tax stuff and never got out of my workout clothes :)!
    • Tax stuff doesn't sound fun but being workout clothes is really my fave.
  • Casey
    I LOVE LOVE this "Oh so Carrie" outfit!! Stripes and pearls ALWAYS for the win, my friend!! XOXOXO
    • Stripes and pearls really are a win - I agree!
  • I like both looks but I agree that the second look seems to suit your style more! I love that classic striped button up, and I can't decide which look I like better, the one with the pearls, or the one with the cardigan. Both are so pretty!
    • Thanks, Shea! Those looks are me for sure!
  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    I agree, the second look has a better fit on you. I really love the outfit with the pearls! Carrie
  • That second look is great. You can't go wrong with a top that can be dressed up or down.
  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. The second look is perfect, but in principle the first one is not bad either, it is just not you
  • Happinessatmidlife
    I love your now stripe look! Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon! Alice
  • Dawn Lucy
    I always love the crisp casual look of stripes! Thanks so much for being a part of Fun Fashion Friday! OXOX Dawn Lucy
    • Thank you, lady! I didn't wear stripes for years and then fell in love with them!
  • The second look is DEFINITELY more you and I'm loving that cardigan in the last pictures. I'm on such a cardigan kick lately...
    • You know my style, friend!
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