Currently: January 2017


gathering: This month I am gathering with friends to encourage one another to remain shop free. We are banning together to encourage one another that we have enough. We want to enjoy what we have and say NO to more. Forever? Probably not! Hopefully, for three months and then…we shall see. Want to join? Here’s your opportunity!

making: This month my husband and I are making my own meals at home. After over indulging in cookies and other goodies it’s time to buckle down and get back to clean and healthy eating. Here’s one of the first recipes of the new year.

sipping: It’s winter and it’s the time of year I’ll be sipping more than my share of coffee. For the most part that coffee is black with Stevia in the Raw but occasionally there is a Starbucks or craft coffee involved. Yum!

following: My husband purchased a fitbit for me and I’m trying to follow its commands. At first I thought when it was saying “feed me” I needed to eat. What it really means is to “feed me steps”. Haha, so in essence I need to get up and get moving! Whitney {whitneyalamode} and I are following each other as fitbit friends. You can never have too many friends on the healthy life journey!

resolving: I have resolved to get refocused on eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet. I detoxed for 21 days right before Christmas. Then…you know Christmas happened and I ate my fair share of deliciousness. I have been out of whack since then.

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  • Thanks so much for joining us this month! Sounds like your January is off to an admirable start – I really should consider this shop free thing. And though it’s always kind of hard to get back into the swing of meal time after the holidays (I can hardly remember what I used to cook before all the nights off for parties and such!), it does feel good to refocus on that at home, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks for hosting, Anne! I appreciate you stopping by today. It totally feels SO good to refocus!

  • I love that our quest for healthier lives is happening at the same time! I just did some laps around my classroom. I’ve decided that each time I’m alone in here (my planning hour, lunch and right after school) I have to do three laps before doing anything else. It’s the little moments that really help the steps add up!

    • Good for you, friend! I try to do push-ups in the bathroom after each visit. :)

  • I want a fitbit, although I wouldn’t be able to wear at work, boo! Which is when I would get all of my steps in…so for now I’ll be fitbit less…boo!

    • I am getting used to mine. I wish it didn’t drive me crazy at night because I really want to track my sleep.

  • I have lost my Fitbit in the chaos that was Christmas. I hope it will turn up but tempted to buy another in the meantime. I miss it! Sounds like you are well on your way to getting back on track after the holidays.

    • Oh, Leslie! I hope you find it because I know it will be so helpful in the new year.

  • Jessica Mathisen

    Carrie I love your blog so much! It is super cute and such a fun space. I love that you have a little mix of everything here. :) Thanks so much for linking up!

    • Thank you, Jessica! I adore your blog and look forward to following along and reading your content.