Currently: October 2017


It’s that time! Time to link up with Anne in Residence for Currently.

styling ~ During the month of October I’ll be styling my looks for the Common Threads Challenge which I’m co-hosting with a few other bloggers. It’s not too late to join in and the details can be found here.


saving ~ I feel like my answer to this prompt should be saving box tops or saving money but I’m not doing either. If the truth be told, I’m spending more money than saving because it’s fall fashion time and that is one thing that gets me excited. But if you need some inspiration and support to participate in #NoSpendOctober hop on over to Rachel the Hat and join in. Here’ her post on that topic.

searching ~ I have been searching through Pinterest for some style inspiration. I work in a business casual environment but really it’s more casual than what is typically referred to as business casual. I’ve been working on creating a more versatile casual one stop style. I’ve discovered I don’t really need to be dressed so professionally so why bother? I think it’s more expensive and less versatile. This post was super helpful to me. The ideas in this Utilitarian Chic look totally spoke to me. Basically, this how I want to dress.

image via Your Fash World

picking ~ Back in 2016, I promised by blogging friend Deena {Shoes to Shiraz} I would learn to drink wine. Well, I’m late to the party but my husband I did some wine tasting this past weekend. We worked hard on picking one or two that we like. This frozen Sangria swirl won out. Yep, I like sweet frozen drinks. We’re not done yet though, more wine tasting is on the horizon.

sangria swirl

making ~ Actually, it’s more like creating something that I hope will be super special for my family members at Christmas. I don’t want to say more than that just in case they read this post.

What’s currently going on in your world? Would love to hear it in the comments, friends!

Hope you have the best day!

~Carrie xoxo

Linking up with Anne in Residence.

  • Cheers! Love that you are living such a beautiful life.
  • shootingstarsmag
    I really need to be saving more money too. Granted, I also need to start accumulating Christmas gifts. LOL -Lauren
    • It's hard to do both, right?!
  • I was never into wine until I found rose (pretend like I did the accent mark on the e!). Now I understand why people drink wine! Delicious! Frozen sangria sounds like a good idea too!!
    • I'm the same about rose. It's one that like along with Sangria.
  • I wish my professional office got the "casual memo."
    • It is definitely helping to create a more "one" wardrobe!
  • Ooh that is a super cute look - love it when you can find an inspiration that speaks to what you're looking for so well. Then the trick for me is always to stick with that in my closet and really keep things pared down to those essentials! Anyway, I love this idea of "utilitarian chic". I had never heard of it, but I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing :)
    • I really do want one wardrobe. Of course, I'll keep a few dressy pieces but I'm just over it and want to have pieces that versatile and just make sense for the style I want to present as me. :)
  • Samantha
    I never really got into wine until I did a wine tour. Now I love trying different ones! I always felt that wine was such a overwhelming choice and topic so I didn't want to show how naive I was when talking wine with other people and now I just have fun with it. That sangria looks delicious!
    • You just said exactly how I felt about wine but I definitely want to learn a little so we'll try a wine tasting again. Thanks for stopping by!
  • Patricia
    Love that outfit! That pink color top is perfect for Fall. I always love searching Pinterest, Instagram, and Blog Posts for style inspiration. But when I try to put an outfit on myself fit totally doesn't look the same, lol.
    • I agree about it doesn't look the same on me either but I keep trying. :)
  • I'm so impressed that you're thinking about Christmas gifts. I need to get on that!