Enjoy & Delight / 6



1. I love blogging. I adore the community and friends I’ve made and continue to make along the way. When I read this post about support your fellow bloggers, I knew I wanted to share it. Let’s be good bloggers and good blogging friends as we support one another in this great community.  Pearls and Twirls shared this post.

2. Congratulations, Jess {Elegantly Dressed and Stylish} on your three year blogging anniversary! I loved this post and loved celebrating with you. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful self, your gorgeous style and your perfectly adorable pups! You can read it here.

3. Oh, my goodness! The style this week was just a rocking. Laura at I do DeClaire featured a gorgeous dress. This dress is beautifully feminine and of course fabulous! You can read the post  here. 

white tweed dress with black bow tie, leather moto jacket, black boots, black quilted tote

4. Rachel the Hat wrote about her thoughts and the capsule wardrobe. I totally loved her perspective and have thought some of these things myself. Reading her post was confirming and encouraging to me. Besides that, she has great style! I totally loved this post!

5. One of my friends and fellow bloggers at The Blended Blog featured a gorgeous look on her blog this week. Lisa with Daily Style Finds shared this look. I love red and pink together and I thought this was super inspiring! You can get the details on the look here.

Hope you enjoy all of these posts. I also hope your weekend is relaxing. Enjoy it!

Have a GREAT day!

Carrie ~ xoxo






  • I loved that first post on how to support your blogging friends! Blogging friends are the best thing to come out of this hobby so I definitely want to make sure I'm supporting the ones I care about :)
    • Yes, we definitely have to support one another. Sometimes it's hard to do all the follow-up and commenting but I so want to build relationships so it's worth it.
  • So many good things here! I still can't quite get on board with the capsule wardrobe - but surprise :)!
    • I'm not really a capsule person either but I definitely am enjoying learning what I love and don't. It's helping me to let go of things.
  • Thanks you so much for sharing my link, it is so so kind of you (you're right the support from fellow bloggers is quite simply the best thing!)And it makes me so happy to think that the post helped you. It has been such an interesting year with the capsule, but i'm glad its helpful to others. Wishing you a wonderful week Carrie xxx
    • I loved your post, Rachel. Your words really spoke to me and how I define my own style. Thanks for stopping by!