Faith on Friday #2 – Confession Time

I have been thinking about writing this post for a few days. Well, actually the conviction behind it has been brewing for a few weeks but at it has taken me some time to process through exactly what was going on in my mind and heart. Once I figured that out, I was able to formulate how I would articulate it in a post.

Honestly, I have been a more than a little perplexed lately because I have come to realize that I have drifted away from my original intent when I started to blog. I started blogging because I wanted to learn how to remix my wardrobe, define my style and connect {in a genuine way} with other ladies. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Good intentions, yet I have found myself drifting into a sea of stats that has led me away from my original foundation. As I hosted multiple link ups and linked my blog multiple times each week, I found I was worn out and frenzied just trying to stay on top of those things. It was quickly eating up all of my free time and becoming my master and ruling my life and time. I felt like I was in a rat race of competition. I was acting like I was trying to win a popularity contest or something {yeah, I know I’m a adult…unfortunately even adults can act childish}.

AND THEN I JUST BECAME CONVICTED BY WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND WHAT WAS RULING MY HEART…it was for my own selfish glory. Not for all of those sweet sincere ladies who stopped by or followed along. Ugly, huh? Yep, being selfish and self-centered is pretty ugly.

So I made a few decisions and a few changes. Guess what? I have such joy and peace because I decided to follow through on what I had originally set out to do with my blog. That means – genuinely connect with ladies while I remix my wardrobe and define my style + share my life and my faith in a way that is authentic, intentional and even vulnerable. Honestly, that is the person I really am in real life and that’s the way I hope you’ll find me here on the blog or facebook or instagram or pinterest or twitter. Bottom line is I’m just a simple small town girl who is living life and navigating through bumps and joys while making friends along the way + hoping to be a blessing and influence others & most of all…just honor God by being real with the life I live on this beautiful planet.

Going forward: The changes I made were to remove many of the blogs I have been following on bloglovin. This was not to be malicious but rather to be intentional with a few bloggers. I really want to read post by people I have a connection to or with through real life or the blogging world. While making this decision I have now been able to read more posts and get to know better what is happening in the lives my blogger friends. This means I can honestly be more intentional with people. I plan to continue with a few link ups but I will focus on link ups that do not require me to follow someone’s blog. I might co-host or host a link up but it totally will depend on the circumstances. I am planning to post on M-W-F. On M-W, I will continue to link up with other bloggers. On Friday I plan to post something that involves my life, something I’m reading or learning and something especially concerning my faith.

I hope you follow along. I hope we become better friends on our journey through life. I hope you will understand where I’m coming from and forgive me if I offended or mislead you by being disingenuous in the past.

AND one more thing…Wednesday evening the hubby and I went to a little get together with a few of the couples from our church. There were burgers, hot dogs, chips, friends, babies, a dog, laughter and genuine friendships. We spent some time discussing a few verses from Philippians (1:3-6). There was some discussion about being thankful {for others}. Just want you to know that I’m thankful for you. Thankful to connect with you through this blog.

Hope you have a lovely day and a lovely weekend!



  • Carly
    Such a good reminder! I pared down my blog list significantly in the last couple months as well. It has helped a lot. So easy to get caught up in blogging and stats and all the different "events" we can participate in.
    • Agreed, Carly! There was just no way I could follow and read so much while trying to keep up with the rest of my life. Feeling much more peaceful now!
  • could you get any sweeter and more genuine? I know you're busy and to be honest, I've always seen you as such an involved blogger and even marveled at your involvement in so many things in the blog world. I also want you to know, that to me, you have always come across as genuine. You always have had heartfelt things to say and I never feel like you're commenting just to comment. It's one of the reasons you're one of my most favorite bloggers.
    • Shaunacey, thank you for commenting. I am encouraged by your words. Glad we are connected through blogging, friend!
  • Carrie - I have found every one of your posts to be genuine, and that's why you are one of my favorites! I know what you mean about link ups and too much commenting - everyone tells you it's so important to build your community. But I think if you write from the heart and be your true self, the community that is supposed to be yours will follow. I feel like we would be friends in "real" life if we lived nearer each other. But I'm so happy to be your "blogging" friend, and maybe we will meet someday! You are amazing, and I'm so excited to get to know more about you through your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!
    • Lana, thank you for your comments and confirming what I believe to be true - just be real. Yes, I think we would definitely be friends in real life - sharing life over a cup of coffee. :) Who knows that may very well happen one day!
  • This is so great! It's super great that you're actually checking yourself to make sure your intentions are still good! It's also great that you're choosing to use your blog as a witness for God's glory instead of your own! :)
    • Thanks, Alex! Just trying to be real and stay focused on my original intent. Hope you are loving a little bit about your adventures and it sounds like you are doing well.