Faith on Friday #4

A couple of weeks ago I had a little confession time with what was going on in my heart and life regarding blogging. I was convicted about the direction I was going with the blog and knew the road I was traveling was not good for me. I just could sense something “not right” and knew I needed to make a change.

As I have begun to work through that and change my focus, I have had so much peace in my heart and in my life. Then what happened after that was truly amazing to me. I read two blog posts from other bloggers whom I was/am following on Bloglovin who were going through the same sort of thing.

The first post I read was from Shalom Mama. I love her natural living blog. Their family lives in a converted bus. I just adore their creative and simple life. I have learned so much from her DIY and natural living that has helped and encourage me in those areas. Her blog post that inspired and comforted me is found here. I hope you’ll stop by her blog and read that post and poke around into all of her greatness. You will probably find something interesting!

Another post I read was at Perfectly Coutured. If you participate in link-ups, you may have linked up with her on Thursdays. She posted a farewell for now, which you can read here. One of things she mentioned in her post was not spending time with family and friends but instead sitting in front of her computer writing posts. I love that she said that because I agree that can truly happen to all of us if we are not careful. She reminded me that I love my blogger friends but I also love my friends who live in my city and cannot neglect their presence and community in my life.

I was so very thankful that those posts were in my Bloglovin feed at just the right time to remind me to be intentional with my life and time. This week I pondered on a thought that shot through my mind one morning. I am not who I once was and I am not who I am going to be. I’m thankful for the things in life that have changed and matured me but I know I am still in a process of growing and changing therefore I am not who I will be. The Lord is continually at work in me to fulfill his word, “ And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6. I can rest in those words.

I am blessed with wonderful friends and I blessed to be married to this guy {20 years this October}. Thought you might enjoy a picture of us…it’s from a couple of years ago when my hair was much shorter.

Have a great weekend, friends and be blessed!

DSC06717 DSC06703

  • gorgeous couple!!! I love blogging, but for me, it's usually restricted to after mini-me is in bed. Tonight, I made sure to stay off of the computer until brent and I had a glass of wine outside on the patio and he was ready to come in and watch baseball. Sleeping baby + baseball = computer time for me :)
    • Thanks, Shaunacey! I admire your plan to put blogging after your family. They are important and mini-me will only be little for a short time. Mr. B definitely needs some attention too and the rest of us will just have to wait until later. :)
      • i don't have too much choice at this point!! they won't wait for me!
  • You guys are gorgeous! My goal for July is to figure out how to make blogging fit better into my life. I love it, but it could take over if I let it. Thanks for sharing the links to Shalom Mama and Perfectly Coutured. Wonderful blogs with a great message. Have a wonderful weekend!
    • Thanks, Lana! In some ways I would love to blog as a job but that is not an option at this point. I do enjoy it so much though and am trying to learn to balance it better in my life.
  • 1) You and your hubby are sooooo cute together! 2) I'm so glad the Lord gave you peace about blogging! He is so faithful!
    • Thanks, Alex! He is always faithful {even when I am not}. Hope you are having a blast at camp!