Favorites from the Old School Days

TBB Talks (2)Happy Monday morning, friends! Hope you’re weekend was filled with fun times and great memories. Oh, memories. Yep, that is where I’m traveling to today with The Blended Blog. This entire month we’re reaching back into our pasts and sharing school days from years gone by. It’s all about the teachers, classes and memories of course. Don’t forget to add your post to link up and share your sweet memories!


I wonder if anyone ever forgets their kindergarten teacher? I mean it is such a pivotal point in a child’s life that I think a kindergarten teacher’s name is forever etched in the brain. Mrs. Nolte was mine and I have to admit I kinda idolized her. She was simply the best. Not sure why I think that but I sure do. I think it was the paste. I LOVED paste and we used it liberally in her class. I tried to find a picture of her but it was a no-go. I even Googled her but I got Nick Nolte and there is no resemblance there at all.

I still remember the names of all of my elementary teachers but it does get sketchy in Junior High when we switched classes and teachers for each subject.

A few of my high school teachers stand out to me. One of my all-time favorites was Mrs. Lewellen who taught English. We read A Tale of Two Cities in her class and that continues to be one of my favorite books to this day. I was fortunate to be home for a few days last week and my mom invited her to stop by. What a treat to see her again!



As a teacher, my students always loved P.E. I was not a fan probably ever but specifically in Junior High and High School. I remember the day my mom got a call from the high school office notifying her that I must attend P.E. every day until the end of the year or I would not graduate. I have to admit I was kinda a slacker and typically took the easy way out on classes. I didn’t want to challenge myself too much. I was more focused on social things I guess.

But in elementary school I was an overachiever. I totally wanted homework. I specifically remember asking my 2nd grade teacher for homework and she turned me down every.single.time! Mrs. Dunbar was not one of my favorite teachers. I thought she was a little too strict. I found out many years later she had a horrible marriage. Her husband wasn’t a very nice man and had a drinking problem. It’s funny we don’t always see the human side of teachers that allows us to have empathy for them. I have that now for her.



Some of my favorite memories were spending morning with my grandparents in their home. My brother and I had breakfast with them every day from 2nd-6th grades. I loved her homemade bread, which was one thing we ate often. Grandma always had some activities planned for us too. We played Chinese checkers, we helped her roll he quilts so she could stick them and she read to us to name just a few.

fullsizeoutput_2996Grandma’s house Sept. 2017

 I walked to school for several years to this building. It was an addition to the original school, which is the same one my mom attended.

Image may contain: tree, plant, house and outdoor

The original schoolhouse for all grades.

The new High School which I attended from 9th-12th grades.


These buildings all hold so many memories for me. Friends, boyfriends and cheer leading are what stand out to me the most.


I just got back from a quick little trip to Iowa and I have to say my heart is full and I’m not completely able to articulate all that feeling right now. But I do know this…I was blessed to grow up in that small Mid-West town and cherish the memories and how it molded me.

Have a great day, friends!

~Carrie xoxox

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Cutest cheerleader ever! And I bet grandma's homemade bread with absolutely heavenly! Memories are just the best, the Midwest does offer such unique school day experiences with hometown flavor and strong roots! Loved reading about your heartfelt reminiscing! I hope you have a great start to your week!
    • Thank you, sweetness! I know you get the Midwest life and that makes me adore you even more...if that's possible!
  • oh my gosh, you as a cheerleader, I love it! And anything Grandma makes seems to be better then anything you've eve had. I love your small hometown, so cute.
    • Grandma's food is always the best!
  • I had something very similar happen to me with P.E. - I just thought I was too cool (and too embarrassed to play dodgeball in front of the boys) to participate, haha! Brooke Pumps and Push-Ups
    • I totally get you on the dodgeball thing!
  • Mother of 3
    I came close to having that same threat in PE but I realized quite early in my high school career just how many classes I could skip or skimp by on and still pass. I honestly cannot remember the name of my kindergarten teacher; I can picture the class, remember what our cubbies looked like and everything but I an not think of her name.
    • I wouldn't want to re-do high school but knowing what I know now, I would probably have made some better choices. Oh well! We all just have to learn as we live life. :)
  • I'm the opposite - I can't seem to remember any of my elementary teachers! Love that you went to your grandma's house every morning - what a great memory!
  • Aw, I love seeing all these pictures, especially the one of your grandma's house!