Friday Five: Food

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TGIF! So glad it’s Friday and for me it’s also payday + it’s been a long week and I haven’t felt the best. I say all that to say I’m SUPER glad tomorrow is Saturday! Hopefully, it’s a run day but that is yet to be determined.

On Tuesday evening we started a new small group Bible study. Another couple that are dear friends are in the same study. Actually, it’s my friend Lauren. I wrote a post about our friendship {here}. As we were leaving the home of the host couple we talked about having lunch on Sunday and it’s a date! Hubby will definitely be charge of the grilling and I want to make something fabulous for dessert. What does one do when they want fabulous recipes? Pinterest, of course!

I thought it would be fun to share some grain-free deliciousness and ask for your input. Here’s the choices in random order.

1. Low-Carb Gooey Skillet Brownie looks super gooey and delicious to me. I love creamy and gooey fits in that category. You can find the recipe at

Skillet brownie

2. Mexican Black Bean Brownies look just as yummy to me. Isabel Eats knows what she’s doing in the baking department if you ask me.

These Mexican Black Bean Blender Brownies are chocolatey, easy to make and are completely flourless. All you need is a can of black beans! Seriously one of the best dessert recipes ever! (Gluten free, Vegetarian, Grain Free)

3. Lest everything be chocolate or should everything be chocolate? Well, maybe not! Paleo Hacks featured this tempting Heavenly Coconut Lemon Bars. Lemon and coconut ranks right up there with chocolate if you ask me.


4. Evidently, there is a such a thing as a Super Healthy Snickers Pie. Sprouted Routes definitely thought outside of the box on this one. My hubby has always been a lover of a Snickers bar.


5. What Great Grandma Ate shared these cookies and I’m super excited about them. I never met a cookie I didn’t like and I can almost taste these. I know I couldn’t eat just one! Could you?

AIP Paleo Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

There you have it friends! My choices for dessert on Sunday. Which one? Let me hear your vote in the comments. Thanks so much!

Have a beautiful weekend!

~Carrie xoxox

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Ok, I'll take one of each, lol!!! So much deliciousness! Wising you a sweet and safe weekend beautiful friend!!
    • They all look delicious don't they?
  • That's so not fair showing that fabulous food this morning!! I love baking and the weekend is a perfect time to do it!! XOXO Jodie
    • Dessert after any meal is acceptable is what I tell my husband!
  • oh yum!!!...I want all The Glossychic
  • They all look great, but the first one sounds and looks the most delicious of them all!
    • That's my favorite as well!
  • You always have the best food ideas. I haven't met an avocado that doesn't make me think of you.
  • Yummy! I'm doing lots of low carb, and those first brownies look so good. I wonder if I could substitute coconut flour? Guess I'll just try!
  • Holy yum! I've had a major sweet tooth this week and all of these look amazing. Shelly| The Queen in Between