Friday Five: the crafty things

Friday Five_the crafty things

Happy FriYAY, Friends! Hello, weekend! No big plans here except chilling and nursing a sick ear and sore throat. Planning to get ready to head to Seattle on Thursday. Meeting up with some lovely blogging friends and I’ll be sure to share more of that in a future post and on Instagram.

I really enjoy Fridays in the blog world because so many people share their favorite somethings. Since I really want to learn some crafty things this year, I thought I would share what those are and how I plan to pursue those things.

1. Cake decorating. What is it about this thing that I just drool over? I think cakes {and cupcakes} are so beautiful these days. Learning to decorate them excites me because I think it would be a great way to take something pretty when gathering with friends. I learned about Creative Bug on JoAnn Fabrics website and decided to sign up for a month. I watched a few videos and tried out my preliminary skills. Here’s what I made. I’m pretty darn happy about these little darlings.


2. Sewing/Quilting. My mom was an excellent seamstress. She could sew anything and everything. In later years she started quilting and mastered that skill as well. I can sew a little but at the moment I don’t own a machine. But I’ve discovered there are places in my town that offering sewing and quilting classes. If you have a Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics nearby they typically offer face to face classes for sewing and quilting. My mom advised taking a beginning quilting class before getting started. Mom knows best, friends! My work bestie, Tabitha wants to learn too. I’m super excited to go on this journey with her!

3. Knitting. I know nothing about knitting or crocheting for that matter. Mom knitted and my grandma crocheted. Did I have the opportunity to learn from them.Well, yes I did. Did I? Well, no I did not! Again, opportunities abound from face to face to online and of course YouTube. Take your pick. Me? I’ll probably try face to face or go online and utilize Creative Bug.

4. Breadmaking. In the past, I took some time and learned how to make bread from scratch. I made some bad loaves but the good ones were devoured quickly once they came out of the oven piping hot. The other day on Facebook, a friend posted about an artisan loaf she made. She posted a YouTube video. I’m trying this one soon. It looks easy and delicious.

5. Hand Lettering. There is so much hand lettering out there these days and I think it’s so beautiful. In 2017, I purchase a calligraphy book from May Designs. I’ve practiced a little but my next step is to actually take a course face to face. I googled and sure enough, right here in my little town there is a studio. Check out this fun little studio. Maybe you want to travel to little Denton and take a class with me.

I’m hoping for a crafty and skill-learning year during 2018. Do you have plans to learn something fun in 2018? What is it? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • DazzleWhileFrazzled
    I know enough about sewing to make a DIY mess! However, I've been wanting to take my 8 year old to Joann's or Michael's to learn from a professional. Happy Friday!
  • Rechelle Morris
    I've been reading up and learning about bread making as well - I've made 2 loaves so far this year and can't wait to try more! Your cupcakes look fantastic! Happy Friday :)
  • Monica L
    I can bake just about anything I try but I can't decorate a thing for the life of me. I get shaky and it always comes out looking like my 1st grade students made it.
  • Katie Mitchell
    Wish I could do any of this!! LOL And there is a sweet student in my class who loves to do hand lettering and I am so jealous!! Have a fabulous weekend Carrie!!
  • I taught myself to knit with videos from! I am trying to learn crochet too.
  • So many fun crafty things! I have never attempted making my own bread but not I'm thinking I should try it. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid
  • I only do two of the things on your list: sewing/quilting and bread baking. There's nothing like a fresh baked loaf of bread straight from the oven!
  • Oh no I hope you feel better soon!! Your cupcakes are so pretty (and look delicious too)!! These are all things I'd love to learn to do as well--I would love to make bread regularly! I need to check out Creative Bug, I think I would love it!
  • Candy Kage
    Decorating cookies and cakes is something I want to learn this year. Found you on Over The Moon Link Party.
  • Lisa Richardson
    I use to make sourdough bread weekly from a "starter" that I had. It was delicious, but once I had the kids I just didn't have time to deal with it. I would LOVE to do hand lettering. I bought a book and the markers but haven't messed with it too much yet. I love decorating cupcakes, cakes and especially sugar cookies. Such a delicious canvas
  • Budget Mums
    My Mum taught me to knit when I was little but I was never able to get the hang of crocheting. I am going to give YouTube tutorials a try this year.
  • I couldn't focus on anything else because I'm so excited that you're coming to Seattle on Thursday! Can't wait to see you!
  • You did so well on the cupcakes. I sort of wish I had done that when my girls were younger so I could decorate their cakes but I guess there is no bad time to start. Keep me posted in the bread. That looks delicious.
  • If we lived near each other, I'd totally give you knitting lessons :)