Grace & Gratitude #5

Grace & Gratitude #5

Happy Memorial Day and welcome to Grace and Gratitude #5. In this series, I try to recap how I saw grace and gratitude intersect in my life from the previous week. I also link up with my friend Simply Shaunacey for Monday Moments of Gratitude each Monday.

Since I went into really deep waters last week, I’m keeping it short and hopefully sweet today.

1. Grace intersected my life with a teacher-friend from the past last week. I read a FB post of hers and decided I should reach out to her. I did. We had coffee one evening. Remember I mentioned being open for friendship last week? I’m grateful for the blessing of a renewed friendship.

2. I’m grateful for a three day weekend. More importantly I’m grateful for this guy and his service to our country. Men and women who serve their country remind of sacrifice. I am always grateful to those who sacrifice for others.



3. Since May is about to close up shop, I’m reminded that I surely need grace because I have totally not been true to my Shop Free for 3 this month. By grace, I hope to jump back on track and remember to be grateful for what I have instead of continually wanting more.

4. It has been grace to my heart that my post last week was encouraging to others. As you might have noticed, my blogging style has changed and is changing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share life with all of you. I’m working on implementing some changes….hope you’ll stay tuned.

5. Honestly, I’m ever so grateful for you dear readers! If you follow blogs, I’m sure you’ve read over and over that bloggers get frustrated at times. Blogging takes a lot of time and it’s also a place where we {bloggers} put their hearts and share their passions. I would agree with these ideas wholeheartedly. We all want readers and followers. For me, I don’t have that many of either, especially since I have drawn back on style. This has hit me hard in some ways but I believe I am accepting it and moving on. I was reminded that when Jesus walked the earth, He had many followers but few disciples {12 actually}. This reminder was grace to me because my true heart longs to connect with people deeply. I know I’m pretty intense many times and I love to be real and go deep. I’m learning that not everyone wants to go “there”. BUT, I invite you in to go deeper into your life. That’s where you’ll find me in a future post series that I’m creating. Oh, I’m still going to do style and fitness and other things, but it is grace to me to be real with others. Hope you’ll stay tuned.

Happy Memorial Day, friends! Hope you’ll be grateful for sacrifice today and be grateful for your men and women in uniform.





  • I think when you write and share about thing you're passionate about then people feel that. You have have experienced a drop in numbers but I trust that the people sticking around feel more connected to you. For me, I love the style posts, but post like this, where you are sharing, make me feel more connected to you. Happy Monday, hope you're having a beautiful day!
    • Thank you! Your words really encouraged me.
  • I find you so easy and lovely to read- you are always so sincere. Miss you :(
    • Thank you. Miss you too! Google hangout soon?
  • Love this post. I'm trying to find my voice on my blog, and write about things that are important to me too. I'm not going anywhere :)!
    • Thank you! Moving into our true voice is so important...even if it's for ourselves.
  • Some people only take in a blogging relationship but those who engage are your real audience. I'm enjoying the changes you are making! ~Sheila
    • Thanks, Sheila. That is encouraging to me.