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Well, how is everyone? Busy!! It’s the sweetest time of year and yet it’s easy to get over committed and not be able to stop and enjoy the moments. Enjoy the moments and season, friends. Take time to breathe and embrace some joy. You’ll be glad that you did.

If you stopped by last week, then you realize that I’m slowing it down and dialing it back a little to be more me. While I love blogging and the community of bloggers out there, I have begun to realize I have lost a little of myself while trying to keep up with Jones so to speak. Again, introspection and reflection is so good for the heart. So I’m working the Simply Me again and want you to know that it all started with shoes.


Not these shoes, though. These are just a pair of menswear shoes that I almost got rid of earlier this year. I know they look a little beat up in these pictures but actually they aren’t in real life. They might be at the end of the season because they are getting quite a bit of wear these days. Okay, back to where it all started. Well, it was really a pair of wedges and a pair of sandals. Yep, I have to be honest and admit that last summer I literally wore two pairs of shoes for the entire summer to work and for outings. That really got me thinking and looking at my shoes. Why did I have so many? How many do I really wear? Obviously, not that many! Bye, bye lots of pairs of shoes. Truthfully, it felt good to get rid of the excess. Really good, friends! It was a good like freedom good. Remember last week?

From there I began to ask myself why I had so many pieces of clothing and which ones did/do I really love. These are a few pieces that I love. Bootcut jeans {yes, I’ve always loved bootcut}, a black v-neck sweater and my first attempt at a plaid blouse. This one isn’t flannel but it did help to usher in my infinity with plaid flannel. Simple and casual and actually perfect for work on Friday. For me, I’m denim casual everyday at work so this isn’t simply a Friday look, it could be an everyday look. My everyday looks have also been capturing a little menswear in them. Why? Because it all started with shoes!

bootcut+plaid+V-sweaterThese are pieces that made the first, second, third {and I forgot how many} rounds of purging I’ve been through this year and the larger purge recently. Are these pieces keepers? I think so.

bootcut+plaid+V-neck sweaterI realize it’s a busy time of year and a closet purge might not be the best time right now. But what about after the first of the year? As the new year rolls in I’m looking forward to blogging about developing a closet of pieces that I love and actually wear. There’s more in store in the coming weeks and I’d love to have some company. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in participating and taking a look into your closet with the mission of getting rid of what you don’t actually wear. Believe me I’m becoming more convinced that more really is not necessarily better!

menswear shoesHope Monday is the start of a fabulous week. Enjoy the Season!



And since it’s Monday, it’s time for our link-up. Thanks to everyone who joined in last week. Whitney, Casey and I enjoyed reading your posts and searching for our favorite looks. Can’t wait to see what you lovely ladies link up this week.



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Each week we choose a favorite…check out Casey & Whitney’s blogs to see if it’s you! My favorite this week is Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons. Houndstooth for mom and daughter. Yes, please! They are incredibly adorable and I love the post Carly wrote about her little one’s first donut. Who doesn’t love donuts? Her daughter! Hope you’ll stop by and visit her blog and read the post.
 looking for a mommy and me sweater set? This houndstooth sweater is adorable, and can be worn season after season!
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  • dsimair
    Love the purge idea, but won't be doing that for my shoes. I actually started doing that when I left the classroom last year and now that I'm back in, I like my variety. I have plenty other things I'll be purging though, so count me in! Deena Shoes to Shiraz
    • Keep your shoes! You actually have fantastic not so much. The 2016 Purge, it's not just for clothes.
  • ADA
    Purges sound like such a great liberation. Shoes are a hard thing for me to purge though I got rid of ten pairs last month. Cute cozy look today Carrie.
    • Hi Ada! Yes, they really are liberating! That is exactly how I have felt since I started actually doing it. Thanks for stopping by today! Hope all is well and you are enjoying the season with your sweet family.
  • Happinessatmidlife
    Good for you for purging things you no longer love! I purge as much as I can but somehow, my closet fills up way too quickly. Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week! Alice Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.
    • I think that really does tend to happen, Alice! I hope this time to learn a little more about being content through this process. Glad you stopped by today.
  • Lovely casual look. As far as purging your closet, for me, nah. I have found that everything comes back into style, and I have so regretted getting rid of great items because I thought they were out of style, only to have them come back into style a few seasons later. So now, I just move them to another closet and 'wait'.
    • Good point, Amy! Thanks for that reminder. Glad you stopped by today.
  • Total keepers! It's such a great idea and always feels so good to get rid of things you don't need. Definitely a good new years resolution! Mary
  • LOVE the shoes!!! I think all those pieces are keepers because they're such staples and really scream you! Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy
    • Basic and staples are really at my core style. I'm trying to get back to that girl!
  • I'm in! I don't know how good of a job I'll be able to do since I essentially have no free time until March (thank you coaching position). But like I mentioned in my e-mail, I feel like I've been guilty of buying/having too much lately. You are going to be my motivation for simplifying my closet!
    • Yay! Responding to your email my friend!
  • Laura
    It's always nice to have options, but it's a fine line between having options and having too much! Love the menswear vibe of your look!
  • I don't blame you at all for taking a step back--this is the time of year to really spend time on the things and people who are most important. Not that blogging isn't important, but it can get out of hand (speaking from experience... I can let it take over my life if I let it!). I love this look and these classic pieces--it's a look I'd totally wear (and plan to pin so that I may just recreate it!).
    • So true, Shea! Blogging can be all encompassing. We all have to learn to balance life and blogging for sure. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the season!
  • Good for you for taking a step back, getting outfit post together is hard, especially with the great content you put out! I want to say yes I'll follow along with your purging journey, as I was looking in my closet the other day and thinking, I need to really get rid of things I don't wear...and I got sentimental over some things and it all stopped, perhaps doing a purge with you will push me to pair down my hands are clammy as I type that...
  • Danielle
    You definitely should keep these pieces. Those jeans are so pretty and look fantastic on you. I also love the shoes! This is a perfect look! Danielle
    • Thank you so much Danielle!
  • I think I need to do some more purging from time to time! I love the menswear vibes from this look, and those jeans look so good on you! I always find it hard to purge things, as I tend to keep more than I would like. Feel free to stop by my blog and join my link-up! Have a lovely week! Denise | Fashion Love Letters
    • Thank you, Denise! I will stop by your blog for sure, lady!
  • I feel ya, some days I have to remember why I blog and started one so I don't have blogger burnout. I also have to take time and actually donate the items I found I wasn't wearing enough (already came up with stuff I don't need, just need to find ways to get rid of them). Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" Rachel xo Garay Treasures
    • I love to donate so others can take advantage of what I have too much of!
  • I probably need to purge, but I don't know if I'm ready yet :)! Glad you kept this outfit - it looks great on you!
    • I don't think purging right now would be a good idea for you friend!
  • SheelaGoh
    I know I have much too much, many of which are just hanging there still with tags. I know I need to housekeep my wardrobe but at the same time, can I confess that I'm a wee bit terrified? There's a streak of hoarding in me which, I believe, stems from growing up on the poor side and always wanting what others had, and there's this feeling that I will yearn for something once I've given it away. I do realise it's all in my mind though :) a work-in-progress, that's what I am, a work-in-progress but yes, I shall make it a point to go through everything in the name of an honest spring-clean!!! :)
    • Yay! Good for you lady! A purging is good for the mind and heart for sure! Hope it goes well!
  • Emma Peach
    I've had a little break from blogging recently, mainly due to migrating and going self-hosted, but I've also been really busy with work. There is always so much to do at this time of year. I don't think it hurts to have a break every now and then, family is more important and the internet will always be there! Emma xxx
  • Dawn Lucy
    Important to stay true to ourselves and take breaks now and again for sure! Good for you and as always, you look wonderful, Dear! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fab weekend! OXOX Dawn Lucy
  • Love this look. Classic but up to date. :)
  • Little breaks are are needed to refocus, especially this time of year when it's so busy! I did a huge closet purge when we moved in the spring but I'm excited to see what you have in store! This is a great look! Definitely a keeper! Jill Doused In Pink
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