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This week the Lifestyle Sistas series is favorite pictures I’ve taken. I have spent lots of years not remembering to take pictures. Ok, a majority of my life and almost every event goes undocumented by me as the photographer. I typically remember to snap a photo when it’s too late. So when I sat down to peruse through iphoto, I discovered about zero photos where I was actually the photographer.

But then I came across an event. An event that was extremely special to me. It was the day my husband and I renewed our wedding vows. We did this after he returned from Iraq and we were celebrating 15 years of marriage. {It will be 20 next month}. When we actually exchanged vows the first time it was a just a simple time with a few friends and justice of the peace. When we renewed we actually had the ceremony in a church with some special people.

Since our theme is set around a top five choices, I thought I would only include five pictures. Who knows there might be more in another post one day. Here’s a few favorites from that day and taken by one of my sweet high school students at the time.

Hubby sharing a little of our story from when he was in basic training. He’s holding all the letters I wrote to him while he was gone.
mrs. carson 456
Ring exchange.


We are {re} hitched!
We are {re} hitched!


Hubby and his battle buddies
Hubby and his battle buddies.


mrs. carson 294
Our cake – I have found the one my heart loves. Song of Songs {Solomon} 3:4.

That’s a few of my favorite pictures that I did NOT take! But thanks to Hannah “Broschie” Staton for being a sweet photographer we have a memory in color.

Please stop by and visit the blogs of the sistas! Have a great weekend, lovelies…and what are your favorite pictures that you have taken?

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  • jointhegossip
    What special photos! Looks like a gorgeous celebration :) Linking up with you ladies today, my first time!
    • yay :)
    • Glad you linked up with us!! It was a fantastic day!
  • Deena Simair
    I love this- what a beautiful memory to share!
    • Thanks, Deena! It is one of my most treasured memories!
  • These pictures are so sweet and beautiful - they made me cry! You can just feel the love between the two of you. Thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend!
    • Thanks, Lana! It was a great day and I feel blessed that we were able to actually pull it off!
  • I love love love this and it so made me tear up!!!!!! Beautiful pictures! So glad you shared!
    • Awww...thank you! It was a really special time and I'm so glad we actually did it.
  • Beautiful pictures of a beautiful moment.
    • Thanks, Leslie! You are always so supportive and encouraging!
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