My May Musings

My friend Deena who blogs at Shoes to Shiraz has been doing a month in review post for a while. I love her style and how she reflects back on her month. I decided it would be fun to join in and set myself up to keep a few notes of what happened during the month of May. Another friend has joined in too, Lana, who blogs at Two Teen and Their Mama.We are linking up together today.

My good intentions didn’t quite pan out the way I envisioned but here’s My May Musings…


10 posts! I had to count that twice to verify. I only wrote 10 posts during the month of May. I totally got wiped out my events and my creativity was waning on all fronts. Good new! I think I’m back in the saddle for June!

93 cups of coffee! Well, more or less. I average approximately three cups a day but I may or may not have finished all of them. Sometimes I have more, which made me think about 100+ cups of coffee in a month. Is that a lot? I didn’t Google that because I was a little frightened to know the results. I was hoping to get off of coffee soon, but obviously I’m not that committed yet.

31 avocados – give or take a few. Yep, during the month of May I ate a portion of an avocado every day {or at least I think I did}. They are just the best food ever. I heart them a lot.

1 movie in the theater. Avengers, the Age of Ultron opened May 1 and we headed to the theater on May 2 to take it all in. I didn’t like the story line as well as the first one but I still love me some Super Heroes!

1 movie rented at home. A friend told me about the movie Fed Up, which documents the horrors of the American processed food supply. It is almost completely saturated with sugar. 600,000 food items {I use that word loosely} in America and 80% have added sugar. We are a nation of sugar addicts and we are dispensing that throughout the globe. Disgraceful!

1 book read. Dang it! I had lofty goals of completing at least three books but it just did not happen. The book I completed, {Redemption}, simply re-rocked my world back into alignment of how beautiful redemption is and how God accomplished it through Christ.

1 book started and not finished. Wounded Heart deals with the topic of adult victims of sexual abuse. The stats are currently this:  1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are sexually abused. High, high stats and a good reason to understand how the very soul of a person is injured through this particular trauma. The tentacles of this abuse are far-reaching into our society.

1 book purchased. Whole 30. We have implemented major parts of Whole 30 but as I mentioned my coffee addiction earlier that means I am still consuming creamer. That is a NO-NO on Whole 30.

1 wedding. I wrote about it here.

1 graduation. I am currently no longer a student since I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary on May 9th. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I wrote about graduation here.

1 hair cut and some highlights. Yeah, for a couple of hours with my stylist.

100’s of push-up but I didn’t make my goal of 100 per day.

5 days per week I went to the gym {on average}.

Of course, this isn’t everything I did this month but it’s what stands out to me. What did your month look like? Any great moments that are etched in your memory? Love to hear about it in the comments. Go ahead and link up your post too!


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  • You had a pretty impressive month! I mean, even if all you did was graduate, that would have been a spectacular 30 days!
    • Thanks, Whitney! A wedding and graduation were definitely the highlights!
  • Casey
    I'm with you on the 93 cups of coffee, my friend! That and wine is why those Whole30/Detox diets never work for me! LOL! I need to see Fed Up--we were just talking this weekend about how CRAZY the meat and processed food has gotten. Love this recap--thanks for sharing XO
    • Yep, I have a seriously love of coffee. Thanks for stopping by!
  • lol I feel like I could use 93 cups of coffee right now! I'm so inspired by your fitness routine... You're gonna have to give me some tips once I pop this baby! :)
    • Are you avoiding it totally during pregnancy or just going the decaf route? We are pretty much on decaf now.
  • You had a busy May too! I think avocados might be my favorite food. See you soon!!!!!
    • Honestly, I think avocados make almost everything better.
  • dsimair
    Holy - I have never thought of coffee that way...I would be scared to total my numbers!!
    • I wish I hadn't because it was kind scary!
  • Oh my gosh 93 cups of coffee! I drank 0 cups, but it always smells so good! I think I've had the same amount of avocados too! So delicious I agree.
    • Seriously!! Are you not a coffee drinker at all?
      • Nope, I can honstly say I've never had a cup of coffee before. I have tried a few sips of a Carmel Macchiato once. I drank maybe 1/4 of it and gave the rest to a friend around 10am, and was wired until 2am...I haven't tried it again since. LOL.
  • Stacey
    I love my coffee too, Carrie. Three cups of coffee a day for sure. I did just switch to half caff and I'm not minding too much. I mixed french roast with dark roast decaf so it wouldn't be wimpy. Your workouts are very impressive!
    • Thanks, Stacey! Coffee is such a comfort for me that it is difficult to give up!