A few little lovelies for the week

There were a few things that grabbed my attention this week in the blogging world that I am excited to share with you. I do have a top five this week. 1.) Monday was Remix Rewear & Restyle at Greater than Rubies. This week the theme was dresses. I really do love dresses but I typically don’t wear them to… Read More

The Hundred Dresses…well not quite!

When I was teaching fourth grade, I would start the year reading aloud to my students. The first book I read each year was The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. The book was about a girl who claimed to have a hundred dresses all lined up in a row. Yet her fellow students did not believe it and taunted her… Read More

A Few Lovelies – Friday, March 28

This week I feel like I have been behind the eight ball.ALL.WEEK.LONG! Therefore my favorite five is going to be my favorite THREE. Here goes! 1.) As I’m working on developing a capsule wardrobe, I read this wonderful post by Caitlin at Greater than Rubies. You can read it here and I highly recommend it! Very helpful! 2.) Over at… Read More

Capsule Project – Defining My Style

When I made the decision to attempt a Capsule Wardrobe, I also made some goals that I felt needed to be a part of moving forward with my wardrobe. A couple of things that kept cropping up to me that left me confused. I did not have a good understanding of my style or my body type. So I decided… Read More

Another Trade + Some Link Ups

This month has been so fun. I feel like I have a little piece of my daughter back at home. Her creative trendy style has not been in our home for several years nor has her presence been in our little city or state. Another part of the country is blessed by her creative artsy little self. I have to… Read More

Get Redressed Remix

Happy Monday! Today I am doing something I have never done. I am wearing a thrifty item. Are you shocked? It is shocking! I know it is shocking!!  Thrifting has become very popular now but when I was growing up it really wasn’t an option {at least not that I remember}. So here I am on the threshold of a… Read More

Lovely Five #1

This is the debut, the first post of my favorite little things from the week. This week I have five lovely little things to share. First, I read this post, Day 1 of Jonah at She Reads Truth. This is such a beautiful place to connect with women and read truth. The book of Jonah is such a great opportunity… Read More