The Redress Challenge

Good morning, Monday! That was a fast weekend…but yesterday was a delight to celebrate the resurrection with dear people, so actually I’m starting the week feeling rather blessed. If you stop by here on a regular basis then you know that I link up with Greater than Rubies on Monday. The challenge this week was a Redress Challenge: Repair ~… Read More

It’s a Third Thursday

Every month has a third Thursday. That’s an important day for my blogger friend Selah @ A Bibliophile’s Style. Every third Thursday is a link up called Thoughtful Third Thursday. Basically, give a synopsis of what your reading, a short quote and create an outfit that corresponds to it. Such creativity! Now, I thought I was a reader until I… Read More

What I Wore…so far in Spring Style Me Challenge

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Spring Style Me Challenge at Get Your Pretty On. Alison provided a list of items that she would be styling for 21 days. I had almost everything on the list except a maxi skirt. My mom took me shopping and bought it for me…honestly the exact skirt I had pictured in… Read More

Double Duty – Remix.Rewear.Restyle

It’s Monday! Do you know what that means? Time to link up with Greater than Rubies. This week the for the Remix Rewear Restyle challenge, it’s Double Duty. What piece do I wear multiple ways? This was such a no-brainer for me because my go to piece is a black cardigan. I have a couple black cardigans – a round… Read More

When Plans Don’t Go As You Plan

There are definitely times when I make plans and move forward only to have a wrench thrown in there. That is what has happened with Tuesday Trades. We were just rocking along in March and I for one was having a blast. But here it is April and I have yet to mail those lovely blouses back to my daughter…. Read More

Pastels & Brights

It’s Monday! Start of the work week for me + another Remix Rewear Restyle at Greater than Rubies. Today is Pastels & Brights link up…so I headed to my closet to find something to remix. I thought about a couple of different choices but ended up with this one.

A few little lovelies for the week

There were a few things that grabbed my attention this week in the blogging world that I am excited to share with you. I do have a top five this week. 1.) Monday was Remix Rewear & Restyle at Greater than Rubies. This week the theme was dresses. I really do love dresses but I typically don’t wear them to… Read More