A Little More Trading

Last Tuesday I debuted a post for Tuesday Trades. This is a little fun opportunity for my daughter and I to swap a few clothing items each month. This month she sent me three lovely tops and a scarf. Today I am wearing another one of the tops.

Green Day {NOT the band but St. Patty’s Day attire}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A celebration for Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the country. The day also celebrates the cultural history of the Irish. Maybe the luck of the Irish will be with those who wear green…or maybe not but at least you won’t get pinched today if you wear green!

Tuesday Trades Debut

I am so excited to debut TUESDAY TRADES today! This will be a segment where I share outfits that are a mix of my clothes and some of my daughter’s items. I know this is probably a no-no of sorts given our age difference and what-not, but it should be a fun little experiment. A little history is probably applicable… Read More

The Capsule Wardrobe

As I start My Capsule Project journey to develop a capsule wardrobe I am thinking about my purpose in seeking to build a smaller and better wardrobe. It really all started for me when I read the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess {here} by Jen Hatmaker. The premise of the book wasn’t to teach the reader how to… Read More

What I Wore – More Floral

On Monday, I linked up here with a floral blouse. That little link up inspired me {see yesterdays post – Another Day of Floral}. So here I am again with another little bit of floral. And yes, I’m definitely ready for Spring! I am taking a liking to floral prints and that is quite exciting to me. The other thing… Read More

Another Day of Floral

Yesterday, I was quite inspired by the floral link up here. I was also inspired by lots of items I pinned to this board. Selah from this blog encouraged me to check out her style board which you can find here. From there I made some decisions and headed to my closet. This is the outfit I put together. I… Read More

Link-Up Floral

The remix for today at Greater than Rubies, which you can find here, was to use a floral piece. This floral blouse has been in my closet for quite a few years. It’s an Express top which I snagged at Ross. I have always loved it even though I don’t wear it that often. That’s the craziness of my mindset…. Read More