Wardrobe Thoughts

I have been thinking about my wardrobe and my personal style lately. I have found that I do not really know what my style is or how to really build a re-mixable or a capsule wardrobe. As I look in my closet, I am overwhelmed with many pieces that I have purchased because they were inexpensive and I just “didn’t… Read More

Sparkle & Shine

A favorite outfit for the Sparkle & Shine Challenge from Greater than Rubies for NYE. Linking up – Fab Favorites link up with Style Elixir & Guests via Undergraduate Style.  

7 +1 x 7 Remix Link up

The seven days are almost up! I’m adding the link today instead of Saturday, but link up when you’re ready. This little remix has been good for me in a variety of ways. I was content with the pieces I chose and think there are ones that could be staples in my wardrobe going forward. Each piece has versatility with… Read More

Outfit Of The Day {OOTD}

For me this is Day 3 of the 7+1 x 7 little opportunity to do a closet shopping in order to mix up and build a better (yet smaller) wardrobe. So far, I’m enjoying this remix and am content with the pieces that I chose to use. Here’s a little preview of one outfit I wore. This is what I… Read More

7+1 x 7 little opportunity

I have been thinking about the upcoming remixing opportunity. What (8) items am I going to choose? To be honest I’m a little anxious because that isn’t very many pieces! But then again, this journey is about creating new and versatile looks. The ultimate goal is to reduce my wardrobe. So, who’s going to brave the waters with me? One… Read More

Favorite Staple

Linking up at Greater than Rubies for the favorite staple(s) pieces today. I just chose one item, even though I do have a few more. (I should revise this post one day with my other favorite pieces). Anyway, I have to submit my black cardigan. It is my go to item. I have worn it to many functions and with… Read More