Styling with Cleo Madison

Recently, I was contacted by Cleo Madison and given the opportunity to review one their pieces. I’m excited today to share the item that I received from them. Cleo Madison is the destination for cute modest clothing. Rest assured that modest doesn’t mean frumpy.  Cleo Madison’s idea of modest is a casual ease and definitely works with the idea of how I want to dress on the daily.

One habit that I’m trying to break this season is to resist the urge to tuck in EVERYTHING. Yep, I’m a tucker! That stems from the fact that most of my tops and shirts are a little on the long side because I’m short {5’2″}. Shirt tails tend to hit me in a place that makes my outfit either unflattering or out of balance. But I’m kinda pumped that more tops are becoming available that should be untucked and actually hit me in a good place and a good way. Cleo Madison’s Camille Striped Tee is the perfect type of look I want to be wearing this season.

DSC_0004 (3)

Cleo Madison-striped top

Since I mentioned fit, I have to say that I’m also loving that jeans have a cut-off look right now. I’ve been known to do this in the past out of necessity. Thankful it’s now trending. I obliged myself to cut the hem on these jeans and now have the option to roll or not and still have a frayed hem.


Can this top be tucked? Sure! It can also be layered with sweaters and jackets. It’s a fabulous piece to pattern mix too.

Cleo Madison Stripes


One of the best items for layering is a utility vest. I have a couple – one in green and another in grey. The green way more versatile than the grey. I love it with this top from Cleo Madison.

DSC_0029 (4)

Cleo Madison Camile Striped Tee

A great top that is comfy and let’s me be goofy like this is a win-win! I love real clothes for real people. Casual ease is really a hit for me and I hope it is for you too.

DSC_0023 (2)

This top can be found here.

Cleo Madison has other items such as dresses, skirts, footwear and swimsuits. They are also having a great sale right now where you can score some cute looks! Hope you’ll check them out!

*I did need a little assistance from the photographer {aka = husband} because my jeans are not as comfy and flowing as my top. I was afraid I was getting my leg stuck and didn’t want to bust my head or rear or any other part of this old body.*

Have a great day, friends!

~Carrie xoxx

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**Cleo Madison gifted me this top but this review is based my own opinion.**

  • Very fresh, fun look, Carrie! Thanks for linking up, -Patti
  • I am the same way and always find myself tucking in the front because I don't like how they fall on my waistline. I am a sucker for stripes so this is my kind of top! xo, Sierra Beautifully Candid
    • It really is a great top! Thanks for stopping by today.
  • I just did the same collab with shoes! They really have super cute clothes and I love the quality!
    • I saw your post and loved the booties! Great post, friend!
  • bahahahah- you crack me up. You are way too fun.
  • That made me smile to see you having fun in this post!! I think I tuck in especially when the hem is flat and boring. But this shirt has interest!! It's perfect! XOXO Jodie Thanks for joining in the Ageless Style Link Up
    • Great point about the hem, Jodie! boring = tuck in!
  • First, looking at you having fun on the tree, has me missing my climbing days! hehe. Fun pic Carrie. :-) Love the striped top on you and i tuck my clothes in too ;-) You always look so great in jeans! thanks for linking! jess xx
    • Thank you, sweet Jess!
  • oh my gosh, you in the tree, so dang cute! Love how you styled it with the vest...I still don't have one of those...
    • I cannot believe you don't have one of these vests! I could see you styling it in so many ways.
  • Julie
    Oh gosh, I love this look! I'm always going back and forth on whether to tuck something in or not, and I'm only 5'1". I tend to leave a lot of things untucked. I love that military vest. I have one almost like it.
    • Being short can make it so difficult to untuck. It has to be the right hem and length. Tricky for us short girls for sure. Thanks for stopping by!
  • ADA
    That striped tee is awesome and looks great on its own or paired with either the utility jacket or utility vest. Love the last photo, too.
    • Thank you, Ada! Glad you stopped by!
  • Julie Wunder
    What a great shirt! I love stripes like that and it does hit you perfect!
    • Thank you! This is my new perfect top for sure!
  • That is a great top. I love that you paired it with a came jacket. Stripes are soooo versatile.
    • I agree! Stripes are my favorite thing right now. Thank you for stopping by!
  • Bri Runde
    Cute shirt! Love the entire outfit!
  • So cute! I'm the opposite - I never tuck anything in, but i love how it looks on everyone else!
  • I love this look! The casual denim looks great with your vest. I definitely need to check out Cleo Madison. Thank you for linking up this week! ~xo Sheree
  • Fabulous casual outfit! The top looks really soft and comfortable. I'm pretty sure if I tried to climb a tree I'd end up in a plaster cast! Thanks for linking up! Emma xxx