Tackling a Reading List for 2016

Do you have a reading list for this year? Each time a new year rolls around, I typically say something like this to myself, “I’m going to read at least one book per month.” That’s it. Try to keep it simple but I haven’t always taken the time to sit down and create the list. I need a list. I need to check the box or draw a line through it so I know I’ve completed a task. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Enter 2016. The year I’m putting into to practice my goals via Power Sheets. I wrote about my big crush on them here. Truly, I am more focused with a game plan to complete these goals since I discovered Power Sheets. I’ll follow Lara Casey’s premise of Progress Not Perfection and give myself grace when or if I fall short. Regroup, reorganize, and restart are words in my vocab now and I do not dislike them but instead embrace them.

I had a good idea of some books I wanted to read this year and then I stopped by to check out what Bloom Book Club was recommending. Unfortunately, I missed their big book giveaway. It was a double bummer for me because the books they were actually giving away were on my list. In the interest of time I’m just going to share this graphic with you and link to the post which describes each book. Bloom Books list.


I hope to read these books during 2016. They are on my list. Yep, I have a list!

Modern Mrs. Darcy wrote a post about another great reading list. She had a giveaway too…I missed that one too. Bummer! She’s also has a printable reading journal for your reading list. Here’s her plan to follow. Here’s her picks.

image via Modern Mrs. Darcy

The Nancy Ray Reading Club can be found here. She has some great picks for the year and is following a monthly plan that you can follow. She will be hosting a chat time on Fridays at 10:00 via Periscope. How fun is that? Be sure to check out her Club.


image via Nancy Ray

Emily P. Freeman blogs at chatting at the sky. When she recommends books, I listen. I read her post about her faves from 2015. Most of what she recommends are other books I want to read. You can check out her list and reviews here.

10 Fantastic Reads - emily p freeman

image via chatting at the sky

Those are my ideas. What are yours? What’s on your reading list forĀ  2016?

I’m two books in for the year {three if you count an audio version} and just started number four! I’m totally pumped about that fact!


  • Have you joined GoodReads? It's an awesome way to track what you're reading and get recommends! Shoes to Shiraz
    • I am on GoodReads! I should actually sign in and update everything.
  • Deena beat me to it! I love GoodReads!
    • I need to get back on and update my info!
  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Simply Tuesday is great! I was on the launch team for it and I loved it! Emily's video clips that go with it are also wonderful. I also read Soul Keeping (it was actually recommended by Emily) and it is a life changer. I love it and have read it several times! I just finished Bandersnatch by Erika Morrison and that was very thought provoking. I am reading Grace Upon Grace by John Kleinig right now. I've had it for a while and hadn't read it. It was recommended by Edie Wadsworth (Life In Grace blog). I usually love her recommended reading lists too! I have The Listening Life on my list because I usually like the selections Emily recommends. I also am really interested right now in Benedictine Rule of Life spiritual practices and have several books in that category on my wish list. Can you tell I *slightly* passionate about books?!?
  • That is pretty awesome that you have read so many books already! I haven't read a book in a long while! I need to get back on that train...I love reading too.
    • I remember that you and your dad share books. I always loved that idea. I'm free in the evenings...empty nester which explains why I have time to read, friend. You'll have time one day too.
  • I love that you're making a to-read list for the year! I see lots of good ones on here--I also want to read The Fringe Hours and The Lake House, and I'll have to check out some of the others. Reading brings me so much joy, I always have a to-read list that's miles long! I just finished The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende and it was so good!
    • I feel like I've used my time well when I read. I'm not a fast reader though. We need to keep tabs on each other and see what we're reading each month.
      • I always feel that way too. And I agree! Are you on GoodReads? If you are I'll have to find you.
  • I have a similar goal to read at least one book a month! Thanks for all the suggestions!
    • Yay! I want to have accomplished a goal in the reading area this year. We can do this, friend!
  • So wait...where's YOUR list?? I need to create one. I love Modern Mrs. Darcy. I'm not familiar with Nancy Rey. Thanks for alerting me to her periscope! I'm now following her. I don't think I'm on Good Reada. Will have to check that out!
    • Bloom's list is my list + a few from Emily Freeman + good else comes across my plate from recommendations from friends.