Upstyle, Update for Uptown

Happy Saturday, friends! Today I’m featuring those ladies that joined the January Saturday challenge last week. Last Saturday I posted a prompt to use as a way to style a look from your closet. The prompt was to use Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue to create a new look. I said if you played along and tagged me on Instagram I would feature you on my blog.

Today, I’m featuring three lovelies that participated.

First, is Carly who tagged me on Instragram wearing this cute look.


And here’s the photo caption from Instagram where she used prompts from several challenges (yay, Carly) and added blue from this challenge. gracenote30Leggings for today’s #january2016promptandpin, neutrals for #wearwhatwherejanuary, a #thrifted shirt dress for #stylemethriftedjanuary. Blue for #shopyourcloset from @alovelylittlewardrobe. Bracelet was a gift from family from @shesallthatboutique in KY. I love it! Ready for my #saturdaylibrarian shift! #wiw #ootd #librarianwardrobe

Second, is Whitney who was the next tag on Instagram.


And here’s her instagram caption: I used the prompt from @alovelylittlewardrobe to choose my outfit today! Something old, borrowed and blue: my hand-me-down jean jacket that is at least 10 years old. Something new: my necklace from @s.e.rantz #ootd #igstyle #styleblogger #midwestbloggers

Third, is Lori who also tagged me.

I could not find her caption from the Facebook group where she added the photo but she is wearing a skirt that she restyled from several years ago.

How fun was this? In my opinion it was totally fun. One thing I adore is when y’all get involved and participate. I also really enjoy featuring others. So those two can totally mix together. Right? Well, how about trying it again? Last week it was a January Saturday so let’s just go with that again but with a different prompt.

Here’s your challenge:

What can you upstyle in your closet? Maybe you have an older sweater or top or skirt that can be remixed for a new look, an updated look or an uptown look for out on the town.

Upstyle, Update for Uptown. There you go! Now head to your closet and start styling up yourself. Be sure to tag @alovelylittlewardrobe on Instagram. Participants will be featured next week on the blog

Ready.Set.GOOOOO! And please have fun and enjoy your weekend, friends!



  • Hey friend, loving your graphics for these challenges. I have a function tonight and guess what, you just picked my outfit for me!
    • I'm taking that as a HUGE compliment on the graphics because I'm so challenged in that department. Can't wait to see your look. You always look extra glamorous when you're all dolled up. I have never been able to pull that off, which is why I kinda dread going to function where I have to style myself up. You should do a post on how to be glamorous because you would rock it!
  • Oh yay! I'm so happy we're doing this again...but hmm, this prompt is proving a tad more tricky. Just what I love, a style challenge :) Thanks for featuring me this week! Happy Saturday!
    • You will pull it off my friend! Can't wait to see your look. I've seen you look extremely gorgeous in some of your glamorous looks!
  • I need to remember to look at this on Saturday morning! Great prompt and I can't wait to see what everyone came up with!