What I Miss About My Teens

Happy Friday and celebrating again with the Lifestyle Sistas! This week our topic is “What I Miss About My Teens.”  First of all this topic made me think about Lana who blogs at Two Teens and Their Mama. She has been in the middle of a tragic time with one of her teenage sons and the recent school shooting in her town. I thought of her because of what I miss the most about my teen years revolves around my hometown. I think I might say I “miss” the things on my list but mostly I just appreciate now what I had back then.

1. What I miss the most is my little hometown. It was in the middle of nowhere but it housed a real sense of community. Yes, everyone knew your business but when there were problems everyone rallied together. Lana, I see this happening in your town during this tragedy.

2. I miss my friends from high school. Two of my dearest friends still live in my hometown and their children married each other which means they are even more family than before. Actually, those two friends have volunteered to paint the inside of my parent’s house. Who does that? People from my hometown, that’s who!

3. I miss living near my parents and the home I grew up in from age seven until twenty-one. That place will always be home.

4. I miss the days when I wasn’t an adult with adult responsibilities. Actually, I just appreciate how good I had it growing up and how much my parents did to give me advantages in life.

5. I miss the safety and security (or perceived safety and security) of that little town whose streets rolled up after 9:00 pm. I was never concerned about getting hurt or facing random acts of violence growing up. Of course, it was a different time and the world now is a different place. I miss that place!

My hometown…Eric Church says it so well….



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Hope you check out the sistas and their fantastic blogs. Have a lovely weekend, friends and as always…thank you for stopping by!

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  • Awww...thanks Carrie. Even though it has been a difficult time, so many positive things have come from it. I do think times were simpler when we were young. Thanks for being my friend!
    • There is always something to learn and something positive that takes seed in a tragedy.
  • so true, we literally ran around town with very little caution or concern... those were the days.
    • I really love to reminisce about my hometown.
  • Deena Simair
    I never thought of how I missed my town...I like that.
    • Yep, I still miss my little hometown.
  • Your post made me homesick for 1975 and Bartlett, Tennessee. My parents no longer live in the house I lived in growing up nor the town where we lived then. I don't really have any reason to go back to Bartlett but sometimes I think I need to now and then. P.S. I want to learn how to embed videos and music, too!!! Great job.
    • I think where we grow up always has a special place in our hearts because of the roots we have from our childhood. P.S. add videos/music in the text tab of your post.