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So….I’ve been feeling more than a little uninspired style-wise lately. What? It’s Fall and we all know that is the best season for style hands down. I think we all love cozy looks with sweaters and scarves and boots and all the pretty colors. But I have found little inspiration in my own closet and even worse is that I’m not loving how I look in anything. I don’t know why but every day feels so mundane and I’m not feeling perky or peppy in my step right now.

Truthfully, I mainly get dressed for work and I’ve always loved workwear but the workplace has been a little out of sorts since July. In a couple of weeks a new head manager arrives and I hope that will put some life back into the office and my desire to be more professional dressed.

I’ve also been uninspired to do our little photo shoots. Timing with my hubby and I has been off so that has not happened for a while. Instead, I’ve tried to get a few selfies at home. I am open game today for suggestions on these looks. Keep or go? Change something? What do you see that I’m missing in these look?

For this look, I was trying to get back to my comfort zone by wearing stripes and leopard print. Guess what? It just wasn’t working for me. Not sure why but I felt like something was off the entire day.

olive cardigan

Here’s another comfort zone with polka dots, leopard and mustard. I’ve worn this look over and over for a few years. I typically love it but not this time. It might just be stale…

polka dots and mustard cardigan

Tried to pull off casual and sporty. I mean can jeggings, a white tee and grey cardigan with slip-ons ever be bad? This was probably my favorite look recently. Simple and easy for a casual Friday.

grey cardigan

Yep, I like gingham and leopard together. I’ve had this sweater for a couple of years and have loved the menswear flair of it BUT I think it looks a little small. On the other end the pants look a little big. Oh the struggle!

gingham and cardigan

New top and pants and the colors are in my palette favorites. I kinda felt like the pants were a little short. Ironic, right? How does the short girl wind up with pants that are too short?

teal and mustard

Without the sweater because the days start out cool and end up warm. For the love of Fall…please show up and stay for awhile dear sweet season.

teal top

Thanks for stopping by today and walking with me through my style funk. It happens and the struggle is real for me lately.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • It's frustrating when you're not feeling fabulous, Carrie. I think your outfits are great---you always do such an incredible job print mixing. But when the brain isn't happy...then the outfits don't feel good. It's always amazing how your mood can affect that way! XOXO Jodie www.jtouchofstyle.com
    • Thank you, Jodie! Mood and perspective are definitely key factors!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    I know what you mean about not feeling it, but let me tell ya, you have it going on girl! Cute as can be and those leopard slides are everything!
    • Thank you for the sweet encouragement!
  • OH man I know what you are talking about with the style funk. But you're still cute in my book. :)
    • Thank you, sweetheart!
  • These are all great looks and perfect for work, I always need more work outfit ideas! I really love those leopard loafers! I hear ya as my work has been out of sorts lately too. Marta www.sweatersstripesandsweets.com
  • Well, I think you always look beautiful. But I hear ya! It's why I've been trying to get dressed lately - makes me feel so much better!
  • Catherine Buller-Sokolowski
    Thank you for being in your fifties and wearing jeggings! I love my jeggings but was wondering if there was an age limit for wearing them. I guess as it continues to look good on you, you can continue to wear them. You look great in them by the way. I really loved your last outfit with the yellow sweater. The length and fit of your dress pants made that one really work. The ankle length is still in I've noticed. Great post!
  • Lori
    Great post! I get the clothing drab feeling! I am working through that somewhat myself. I think you would like the gingham shirt and sweater outfit if the pants did fit better. I am noticing what a difference pants make when they fit right. The jeggings outfit and your last one with the yellow sweater are my favorite. I don't think the pants are too short and I love that you can wear it from cool to warm! Thanks for sharing.
  • Even though you're feeling uninspired, these outfits are so gorgeous! I can definitely relate to being in a fashion funk, but all it takes is the right look to get you out of it! I can't wait to see all of your holiday outfits. Thank you for linking up this week! ~xo Sheree PoshClassyMom.com
  • You look so great in oranges/mustard etc! And I think your "short" pants look good! Especially with the little heel you are wearing them with (at least I think those are heels?) :)
  • I adore the outfits with the blouse and the navy, not too hot pants, and also the mustard cardigan.
  • Lisa Richardson
    You look darling in every single outfit. I love it when you wear bright lipstick too
  • I love every single outfit, lady. Especially your last outfit. :) Always beautiful, my friend, even if you’re feeling less than inspired. :)
  • Super CUTE!!!!!!! Love your leopard print shoes too! Thanks for sharing at Friday Frenzy Link Party!
  • Ohhh! I love those outfits with your new pants! Such a pretty color!