Hey there! So glad you stopped by my blog. Are you wondering who I am? Well, I’m a woman who wants to look and feel confident, put-together and lovely in my clothing. What is lovely? Lovely ~ {adj.} having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face; {noun} any person or thing that is pleasing, highly satisfying, or the like. Striving to be lovely is the focus of my blog.

I haven’t always felt very lovely in clothes. I had lots of options but I always seemed to be chasing that look that defined me. Then I landed a new job in 2014 and I had to recharge my wardrobe because it was a manifesto to denim. I learned a great deal from the experience of rethinking my options and the place clothing has in my life and heart. I had tons of help with some great bloggers out there. Now, fast forward to today where I am trying to take ownership of my style {classic & chic} and body type {straight} to create a more lovely me.

Even though I am in that category of over 40+, I believe style is timeless and something women of all ages pursue in order to capture being confident in their own skin. I’ve been through years of not feeling “it” about my style but as I move past many of those insecurities and frustrations into a style that enhances who I am as a woman I want to share that with others.

Basic Rundown of Me:

wife to my love for 20 years¬† ~ mom to a grow up girl ~ fitness fanatic {most days}¬† ~ dog lover but a cat owner {rescuer} ~ healthy eater ~ java junkie ~ conversationalist ~ people lover ~ perpetual student ~ book enthusiast ~ movie goer ~ trend watcher ~ but mostly just a woman learning to walk in grace in this world for the time I’m here…