Picking Pieces for Common Threads Challenge

Have you heard about the new Common Threads Challenge? If not, you are in the right place to find out about a new style challenge beginning October 1st. I was thrilled to be invited to help host this challenge along with several other bloggers. I guess I could ramble on but instead, please follow this link to read the original post. Hope you’ll be inspired to join in with us!


The main point of this challenge is to choose five items from your wardrobe and wear one piece with each look you create throughout the month. You have access to everything else in your wardrobe so you won’t feel too limited. As I’ve been contemplating my pieces I have hit a little panic mode. Trying to predict the weather in October in Texas can be tricky. I’m sure we’ll still be running the A/C so it won’t be too chilly yet, but I am kinda over my summer pieces and really want to pack them up. Oh, the struggle is real especially when I have to choose for reals in a few days.

I created an outfit image with the types of looks I’m leaning toward styling. These aren’t all my ideas but you can see I want a few solids and some stripes as well as something to use as a layer. I want to keep it more casual but still look put together with ease while not looking as though I’m an executive.

I’ve pinned these images and a few others to my Pinterest Office Causal Board, which you find here. I’ve created this board to help me as a embark a new style simpler style journey.

As I’m choosing individual pieces there are a few at the forefront in my mind right now. My main picks are included in this widget. A

As you can tell I’m keeping it fairly basic. I know stripes will take me a long way but I also want something that will work well with leggings like a tunic. Will I only pick tops? Would that kinda be cheating if I did? Yes, it would and that is what is making me really struggle with choosing my pieces.
What would be your five pieces if you’re participating in the challenge? If you’re not participating what input would you like to give me as I make my final selections.
I think this challenge will be just that a real challenge. Are you up for it friends? I hope so…and I hope I am too! LOL
Have the best day!
~Carrie xoxo
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  • I am totally struggling with this! I don't want to "cheat" and pick a necklace or something, hehe, or like you said all tops...I have 5 more days to pick, haha!
    • I think I might cheat! :)
  • I'm excited to see what you ladies come up with! Brooke pumps and push-ups
    • I'm excited and a little nervous!
  • So hard to decide! I think I would definitely pick a denim jacket - but our weather is much cooler than yours. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to do this or not :).
    • I hope you hop in with us, friend!
  • Kellyann
    I think I have my pieces picked out! Such a great idea and I'm so happy to participate! xo, Kellyann
    • Good for you, girl! Glad you're in!