Pop of Color + Co-Hosting with Funday Monday

Color – pops of it are fast becoming a new outfit love language for me. For years {and years} my go to color was black. When I was being a little daring, I would add some grey or purple but even those were of the muted tones. Always staying in the background with my color choices was my comfort zone. Most of the time because I wasn’t confident or comfortable with how I looked. Then color entered my life and this has been a recent development for the most part. The truth is that color makes me feel confident and pretty. Who knew? Not me, obviously! This recent change has coincided with other wardrobe changes and challenges I found to participate in with other bloggers. So thankful for all these changes because color{s} have changed my wardrobe, my style, my confidence and a little bit of my attitude.

Here’s a couple of looks. Pop of color on top. I am loving this color of blue. Paired it with a scarf and skinny jeans. Switched out the shoes – one look with flats, one look with heels. I like them both but I’m not much of “sexy” girl with skinny jeans and heels. That is another work in process. The hubs? Yeah, he likes that look. {Again, who knew?}

Pop of color with leopard flats.

Pop of color with nude heels.

Pop of color on the bottom. Red pixie pants, which I’m getting used to and have worn them a couple of times. Not thrilled with the fit. One size was tighter than I prefer {still have issues with clothes fitting closely to my body} and the another size was just ok. Maybe I should have hung onto my reward $$ for later. But the silver lining is that I do love the color. Color on the bottom and neutral on top and I do like this combo.

Pop of color on the bottom.


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  • I love the red pants! Are they the Old Navy pixie pants? I felt the same way about the fit if so. But they look really cute! I linked up today! Happy Monday! Susan
    • Yes, they are the pixie pants from Old Navy. I'm not as thrilled with the fit as I had hoped to be BUT the color is great especially for my wardrobe. Glad you stopped by!
  • Love how you styled both outfits but the first is my favorite with the floral scarf and leopard flats! Jill dousedinpink.blogspot.com
    • Thanks, Jill. I'm a little partial to the blue myself. Love that color and hope to find a little more of it one of these days. Glad you stopped by!
  • Carrie, I love these outfits! Really love the tank with the scarf. It's already getting so hot here that we have to wear those scarves pronto! I for one won't be wearing them in the heat of the summer.
    • Agreed, Stacey! I won't be wearing scarves for much longer. That is going to challenge me though to accessory and remix things up to get new outfits. :) Glad you stopped by!
  • That green scarf is just so pretty! Love it! :)
  • Love the red pants! Every since Shaunacey got her red pants, I've been wanting a pair. I tried on those red pants from ON, but like you I was between sizes and thought, I can do better!
    • Agreed, Sarah! I think I could have done better on fit. :(
  • Thank for co-hosting Funday Monday. I once did that too and it was great fun. Here is my followup post in case you are interested. http://highlatitudestyle.com/2014/03/02/co-hosting-funday-monday/
    • I think co-hosting is so much fun! I'll have to stop over and check out your blog. Glad you stopped by!
  • You are the only other person I've found who wasn't thrilled with the pixie pants. I couldn't find a size that was quite right on me. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
    • Agreed, Whitney! I'm just between the sizes. The larger ones are just ok but after I'm in them for a little while they stretch out and then I'm thrilled...kinda underwhelmed. Glad you stopped by!
  • Lady of Style
    I can relate to what you have said about wearing black for so many years before you discovered colours! Same with me - only black and neutral colours in my wardrobe. But not any longer once I realised that brighter colours actually suit me well. Love the turquise, it is such a happy and fresh look for the spring and summer season! Annette | Lady of Style
    • It's hard to believe but not too long ago almost every sweater in my closet was black. I would look for anything new in black first. So boring!! I think colors are good for me as well! Love them!! Glad you stopped by!
  • Well, I'm glad you started wearing color because it looks amazing on you! Love that color of blue. Have a great week!
    • Thank you, Lana! I think that shade of blue is just so pretty also! It's a Target tank if you're interested - Merona. Hope you have a great week as well!
  • LOVE the skinny's with heels! You look great in the red pants, they don't look like fit is an issue at all
    • Thank you, Shaunacey! I'm so not a skinny with heels type of girl but I'm trying. Those pixie pants are ok but not my total favorite, yet {I do love the color though}! :)
  • I love all your fun scarves! Jenna from Visions of Vogue
    • Thank you, Jenna! Sometimes I love scarves a little too much but they are such a great accessory. Glad you stopped by!
  • Hi. I love colour so much I made a business out of it. Our eyes are attracted to colour more than style so it makes sense to wear it as often as possible especially under the chin where it reflects onto the face. You look great!
    • I agree about color. It just brightens the day and the face. Thank you for stopping by.
  • SO many cute looks I can't even pick a favorite. You're so chic, my dear! Hope you're having a great week, friend!
    • Thank you, friend! I've been learning from the pros {you}! :)
      • Oh goodness! No pro here. Just a remixing addict ;)
      • You're a pro in my book and one who inspires me to remix. :)
  • You put together some great looks here, Carrie! I love the red pants!
    • Thank you, Maria! Love red pants (though the fit of these isn't perfect the color is great). Thinking a red skirt is due in my closet. :) Glad you stopped by.