Solvaderm Eyevage Review

I have been trying a product called Eyevage which is made by Solvaderm. In the past I tried another one of their products and wrote a review. You can find it here.

So what’s the great news about Solvaderm Eyevage? Well, first let me say that this is the third product I have tried in this line (one more review will upcoming soon) and I have been more than happy with each of them.

This eye product is improving the moisture around my eyes, which in turn helps with those pesky fine lines. It also works to alleviate the darkness of circles under your eyes. I have noticed a slight change in that as well. I’ve found that I do not need near as much under eye concealer lately. I’m excited in that I am seeing a progressive change that I believe will continue over time.

With each product I try, I am finding this line is extremely good, especially for anti-aging and aging skin like mine. Remember I’m over 50 and was one of those who did not take really good care of my skin my younger days.

Anyway, here’s what the Solvaderm is saying about this product.


Here’s what I have to say.

If you decide to give it a try, I don’t you’ll be disappointed! I haven’t been. Questions? Leave me a comment.

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  • Those pesky fine lines and dark circles with age! You look amazing for over 50 - I have to say. I bought this coffee/caffeine product recently for dark circles - it didn't do a thing other than smell like coffee under my eye... Lisa Daily Style Finds
    • Thanks, Lisa! I surely wouldn't want to smell like coffee all day. That's too great of a temptation for me.
  • Honest review. I am scared to get a better mirror. My current one reflects an image that is detailed enough! I hear so much about vitamin C so using it. May have to try this, too.
    • It was scary, Leslie, but I found I don't need to wear so much makeup and am seeing things that I can address better.
  • I need some good eye cream!
    • Yes, and this is good stuff!
  • I'm definitely looking for something new in the eye cream area. Will definitely check this one out!
  • Samantha Pearce
    Hi Carrie, I am looking at purchasing the Eyevage and wondering now after all these months how you have found it? Has it worked well for the lines under your eyes? TIA
  • Penelope Y. Greenwell
    What a good product you have here! This is the third product that I tried too and the other two showed little or no effect at all but this product is different. I have don't really have big eye bags so it's not the big deal but the dark shade around my eyes gave me problems. I eagerly tried other products but they all seemed a wasted of money. Then I tried this one and the effects are perfect! Dark shades start to disappear like I'm having beauty rests every night. I'm excited to see the long term results of this product. Thanks for posting this.
  • Abigail Ava
    I was looking for something to firm my mature skin so a friend referred me to Solvaderm's Eyevage which has made me look radically younger by invigorating the entire eye contour. I look great! The Anti-aging serum penetrates quickly to deliver the captivating appearance.
  • catheleya gracia
    When i look to my face at the mirror, im worrying about the dark circles under my eyes i tried many products especially concealer and some foundation to hide it. It help me but im not satisfy and completely not confident hiding every morning to my dark circles until one time my friend told me about the solvaderm eyevage and used it. It immediately absorb to my skin and continue to lessen the dark circles and moisturized too. I love the product very effective.