A Defining Narrative

Hello, Sweet Readers! I hope this post finds you on Monday gearing up for another week…

Words. I love words. Back in the day of hard back dictionaries, I would sit and turn the pages and just read words. Words have meanings and meanings are not necessarily neutral. How words are used can build up or tear down. They can grow great things in a person or not. Words create a narrative and words help to define you and me. Have you thought about the narrative that generally runs through your head? What about the words you use to define yourself? Do they build you up or tear you down? Is the ground in your life dormant or fertile? Hmmm….food for thought, right? Food and thoughts flourish in fertile ground.



On Saturday I met one my dearest friends for coffee. It was during our conversation that she confirmed what I already knew, that the narrative in my head needs to change. Lately, my narrative has held onto negative things that others have said about me. Do you do this? Is your glass half empty instead of half full? I could go on but instead let’s change the narrative right here, right now. Thank you, sweet Adorah for helping me work on this issue. {By the way, we met when we worked together as teachers. She was my Art Teacher and I was her Principal but always her friend}. I love this woman dearly!

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On Sunday, I began to think about a true narrative rather than a twisted narrative. I began to think on things that are true {Philippians 4:8} and what the Lord says about me rather than the world. Since His Word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path {Psalm 119:105}, I want to let Him illuminate his truth.

  • Truth #1 ~ I am dearly loved.
  • Truth #2 ~ I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Truth #3 ~ My life has purpose.
  • Truth #4 ~ I have been given gifts.
  • Truth #5 ~ I am a friend of Jesus.

These are just a few of the truths that quickly came to my mind as I work to change the narrative that seeks to capture my mind. The twisted narrative seeks to rob me of a full life and the joy of each day. The twisted narrative robs me of my goals and dreams and seeks to deny me the ability to walk fully in my personhood. The twisted narrative seeks to rob me of my purpose and keep me living below my potential. The twisted narrative seeks to continually remind me of my failures and that I cannot possibly rise above them. That narrative is full of lies and comes out of the dark underbelly of fear and unhappiness.

But thanks be to God who leads his people in triumph! When I remember that I am a dearly loved human and not just by the Lord but others on this planet, I gain confidence {Colossians 3:12}. Confidence sprouts and grows through a venue of love because love casts out fear {1 John 4:18}. When I believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I know I am capable in my humanity to thrive {Psalm 139:14}. My body and mind were designed to work and engage in this life. While I’m living and breathing on this planet, I have purpose. My life is not random with no direction. It may feel that way at times but that is because I have yet to accomplish all that is set before me. Fear has driven me away from my passions and thwarted my purpose for quite some time but that is changeable through the narrative. All of us have gifts and talents and it’s our job to unpack them {1 Corinthians 12}. It takes time for seeds to sprout and grow. They will do that in fertile ground as will gifts. They most certainly come to life when they are nurtured.

Friends are a blessing in life. Adorah has been that for me and especially on Saturday when she so graciously spoke truth into my life. It’s true that a friend loves at all times {Proverbs 17:17}. Adorah and I have walked in friendship through dark times in both of our lives. We count it a blessing to have one another and to know that Jesus is our friend and he’s the kind that never walks away but lays down his life for others {John 15:13}.

Dearest readers, friends…I hope the narrative in your life is not twisted with untruths. My hope is that truth will ruminate in your heart and mind and your narrative will be one of truth.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Truth wins and reigns and you always win in my book beautiful! Great post and enjoy a fabulous week!!
    • Yes, truth always wins! Thank you, sweetheart!
  • YES! I was just thinking about this in terms of my attitude (and narrative) about work these days. It's up to me to change the way I'm approaching it and to not be so negative. Thanks for the reminder!
    • I'm so glad this was helpful. Hugs to you sweet friend!
  • Beautiful post! Love hearing your voice in this...made me think about a lot of things.
    • Thank you, friend! You always encourage me so much when I share from my heart.
  • Oh, I love this Carrie! What a beautiful reminder to shift my perspective. I struggle with this as well and especially need to remember that God is taking care of me and that I don't need to worry so much about everything. Thanks for this uplifting post!
    • I'm glad this was encouraging to you, Shea!
  • This speaks so much to me! I am working hard to rewrite the negative narrative I picked up in childhood. I keep reminding myself that I am worthy of so much more!
    • You are fearfully and wonderfully made and dearly loved! Your story is in process and not finished. Take your thoughts captive to what the truth says about you, believe it and meditate on it. The thoughts can change. Take care, dear one!
  • Stacey Pardoe
    Amen to this! I've been on the same journey! My goal this week is to take every thought captive and speak only words that bring life. It's been a challenge! Your post was just what I needed this morning. It's a reminder that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. If we're going to be women who speak life and bring life to others, we better let the Lord work in our hearts to stop the negative internal narratives! Well said!
    • Agree with everything you said! Amen, amen!!
  • It's so easy to feed off the negative and forget all the truths. Glad you have a sweet friend who speaks truth to you and reminds you how special you are!
    • Thank you, Shelly! I'm very blessed to have Adorah in my life.
  • Lori
    I love this. It is something I need to work on! Thanks for sharing.
    • Thank you for reading and I hope it helps!
  • So important to remember. Thanks so much for joining us at the To Grandma's House We Go link party. Your link has been pinned! Please join us again next Wednesday! Cheers!
    • Thank you, Sheri, for stopping by and pinning my link.
  • Candy Kage
    Enjoyed reading your post. Love my life and yes I have purpose and Christ is in my life. Found you on Bloggers Spotlight.
    • Hi Candy! Thank you so much for stopping by...our purpose in Him is what makes life grand!