Sometimes I Don’t See Clearly


Yay, for Thanksgiving Week! When I was teaching this was a favorite week because we were off of school. It was such a great time to be with loved ones around the table eating turkey with all the trimmings and then get it gear for Christmas. One of the perks I definitely miss from the world of education.

But regardless, yay that this week has arrived and it’s a short one on the work calendar. I hope this post finds you gearing up to embrace all of the holiday with its moments of overeating while enjoying people. The hubby and I will be helping to serve lunch for many people in our community who either have no place to go or do not have the resources to put on such a lavish dinner that Thanksgiving practically demands to be served up. I hope in those few hours of serving I don’t miss out on opportunities to meet people. I hope I don’t miss out on moments to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who have never experienced his love. I hope my eyes and heart are engaged and ready to serve those here in my little city.

I say hope because so many times I miss opportunities. I’ve become a little blind to the world around me. Not too long ago I set out on mission to meet strangers and make them my friends. I remember vividly days of sharing my table at a local coffee shop with a young girl as I listened to her story for several hours. We left the coffee shop friends of sorts. I gave her a ride home and we hung out several other times. I used to meet lots of people like this but then I stopped seeing people. I sorta stopped being intentional in that regard. I stopped seeing opportunities to serve and bless others.

My hubby, nope, he’s not like me in that regard. He sees EVERYTHING. Case in point. On Friday we met at home after work and chatted before we got to the topic of dinner. Neither one of us was hungry but I definitely wanted coffee. Just the idea that it’s Fall according to the calendar and I’m all over coffee 24/7. I mentioned wanting a baguette from Panera that I could toast and eat while I drank coffee. That is a perfect meal for me by the way. So in the truck and off we went and the next thing I knew we were parked and inside of Panera. We exited a few minutes later with the baguette in hand. Next stop, was home where the hubby would brew some Thanksgiving blend from Starbucks and I’d pop the bread in the toaster. Yum! I couldn’t wait to be home.

But then…as usual I was dreaming of perfect a “dinner” when I noticed some commotion in the road. Next thing I knew we were pulling over and my hubby jumped out of the truck. There he was pushing a mini-van while a young woman was getting into the back of our truck. Ambrosia and her husband {who wasn’t feeling well} had made a short trip to Dollar General to pick up some Pepto for his sick tummy. Their mini-van had stalled in the middle of the road and the two of them in flip-flops were desperately trying to push it out of traffic. What happened next? My hubby did what he does best {besides seeing everything} he meets the need. He tied the mini-van with tow strap and we proceeded to tow these people home.

Ambroisa was a young mom of three, twins + one. Dad worked two jobs to support his family. These are people who will show up on Thanksgiving Day for a meal because that dinner is much too expensive to put on the table. My hope is that I see these people and others that day. I know they are seen. I know they are loved. I know they welcomed. I hope my hands and feet will resemble the One who does all the seeing, loving and welcoming.


Y’all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    LOVED what you did for Ambroisa. You two are those kinds of special souls that keep our world spining! Hope your Thanksgiving week starts off beautifully!
  • Aww....I love this! It is so true how easy it is to become blinded to the every day need. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes open but also to follow through.
  • Lori
    How wonderful of you and your husband! It will be a wonderful day for you both I am sure. My husband sounds a lot like yours! Bless you for serving.
  • Aw, this just makes me love you so much more!
  • How fabulous to your husband. I tend to be blind to many things around me too---I see what I want to see, I guess!!! XOXO Jodie
  • Lisa Richardson
    Carrie, This is such a sweet story. You and your husband are such a great example of what this world needs more of. Happy Thanksgiving week sweet lady! XO
  • LydiaCLee
    Your husband sounds a real can-do guy. Good for him. I get very caught up in my own head that I literally don't see people waving at me half the time! #Dreamteam
  • Kirsty
    Wonderful that you're so aware of yourself and your husband does sound a really fabulous man! We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but for us at Christmas it's a wonderful time of year to be more community minded. #BloggerClubUK
  • Jessica Foley
    What I great way to live. I could definitely stand to be more "intentional" in my own life. Sometimes blocking out what is going on around me is the only way to focus on what needs to get done. But it's an amazing way to help out and be kind. Good for you guys! ~Jess #ALittleBitOfEverything
  • How very awesome of you to tow these people home in their time of need! #DreamTeam
  • Oh how beautiful you could be there to help that family - I really hope you do see them while you're serving dinner and get a chance to talk with them further. It was definitely meant to be for you to stop and help them! Hope you are having a good weekend :) Have you done any sale shopping? I made the most of some time off earlier this week and shopped at a few stores but I haven't bought anything in the sales yet. Away From The Blue Blog
  • How sweet. Thanks for sharing this! Thanks for joining the To Grandma’s House We Go link party!
  • What an awesome duo the two of you make!
  • First of all, I love that song. This post touched my heart so much, because I too feel that I'm not "seeing" the people around me when I get too busy to slow down. My husband sounds like yours...always ready to help out. Loved your words in this post!
    • Thank you, Tanya! I really love to write from my heart and share it on the blog. I plan to do more of it in 2018.