Bright Pants + Link-up


Hello, friends! Welcome back to another week of Style Perspectives with The Blended Blog. I hope you’re enjoying this series! I think I can speak for the whole crew when I say we are loving it and loving your style.

This week our prompt is from Shaunacey who blogs at Simply Shaunacey. Bright-colored pants have always been her thing and I have become more courageous in that vein after watching her over the last couple of years. The first bright-colored pants I purchased were the red ones I’m featuring today.

True confession for today’s post: I looked at the wrong prompt and created a look for another week. Hubby took photos, scheduling got crazy to do retakes…so here I am featuring looks from last year in my bright-colored pants. Sometimes you just have to embrace it and go forward!

First up is red pants with a blue and white striped blouse. Sadly, the blouse is gone. I liked it but didn’t love it on me. The fit just didn’t work quite right. I’m not sure why but it just wasn’t great.


Plaid Breezy Top

And then it’s red with black and leopard print of course. Who doesn’t love that combo? These pieces are all still my closet too.

Black Breezy Top + Red Pants


And there you have it for today. Bright pants = red pants in my world. What’s the bright pants in yours? Show us bright pants friends and check what my friends came up with for this prompt. Ready. Set. Go!

Here’s our looks from last week…patterns and neutrals from the Style Perspectives crew.


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Okay, friends! Who’s linking up today? Can’t wait to see your looks!

  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Sounds so like something I would do but look how many glorious looks you had in the bright pants!!! LOVE them to pieces!! Hard to pick a fav but it would be the last one in the leopard top and flowy cardi!! So PRETTY!!!!
    • Just gotta go with it sometimes but thankful I had these to fall back on. Thank, Shaunacey who was my inspiration for red pants.
  • Nicole Miller
    LOL - so funny, at least you had a back up of SOO many great looks:) Your new blog design is great by the way!
    • Thanks, Nicole! Life happens for sure and you just have to go with it.
  • Celia M. – High Heeled Life
    Great outfits .. I especially like the last one ~ the animal print shirt ... adds some fun.
    • Thank you, Celia! Glad you stopped by today.
  • Katie Mitchell
    Love your look in the bright pants...and your blog's new look!! These give me some great ideas of how to style my red pants!!
    • Yay, Katie! So glad you got some inspiration today!
  • Fabulous looks with your red pants!
  • Those pants are so versatile. I have a similar pair though they are more coral. You gave me some great ideas of how to style them! Becky
  • I love that you showed so many different ways to wear those pants- you are beautiful!
    • You are way too kind to me.
  • I wore am almost identical look to your second outfit a couple of weeks ago (my blazer post)! Maybe I had this outfit somewhere in the back of my mind :)
    • Awww..that's such a sweet thought, friend!
  • Casey
    Ok, first---how much do I love the blog design??!! (i've been out of it lately, CLEARLY!). Next, I have loved those red pants forEVER! i STILL have yet to find a pair I love!! Looking fab, friend!
    • Thank you! So glad you stopped by today. Miss you in blog world, friend!
  • I love how many of us are styling red pants! And that polka dot blouse...I need! Perhaps you'll bring it to Vegas and "loose" it, hehe.
    • Haha! That's a great idea...I just might do that for you, my friend!
  • My red pants don't get nearly enough wear as they deserve, but you've provided some fresh perspectives I can think about. Beautiful as usual!
    • Yay! That's good to hear, Michelle! So glad you joined in with us.
  • ADA
    Carrie, my very first pair of bright pants were also red - of course. I still own them and love them. You have nailed every single outfit with your chic red pants. All the blouses are very pretty. =) Welcome by and linkup with me for "Thursday Moda" tomorrow. Thanks, Ada. =)
    • Thank you, Ada! I'll stop by tomorrow!
  • Everyone looks so pretty in their red pants - I need to get a pair. I love every way that you styled them - but I think the leopard print is my favorite!
    • Thank you, friend! Can't go wrong with leopard print...that is one thing I've learned over the last few years.
  • I need to fit in my red pants. Love the navy polka dotted top with them!
    • You should hang with us for a 21 Day Fix my friend! If I can do it so can you...
  • Christy
    I'm always scared that is going to happen to me! I love the leopard with the neutral sweater.
  • Great minds. Even if you wore this awhile ago and I wore it yesterday. I have only bought red brights but Shaunacey has inspired me to consider getting some other colors. You always look perfect, Carrie, on-prompt or not!
  • I love all of these. Seriously. But my favorite is the leopard outfit. I've been looking for a leopard top because of this picture! ~Sheila Making the Most of Every Day
  • I love the pants! You styled them perfectly. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma
  • I love all these red pants looks. The one with the polka dot blouse and leopard blouse is my favorite though--I love dots and spots together, and that tassel necklace is so fun. One thing my wardrobe is lacking is bright pants for spring (I have a pair of red corduroys, but they're not great for this time of year)--I need to find some!
  • well I seriously don't know how I got the title of colorful pants Queen because I think you've taken over!!!! Seriously, you are rocking those red pants like it's no body's business!! The leopard, WOW!!! smokin' Simply Shaunacey
  • The first and last look are my favorites. I had to re-use a photos from last year, too. I look forward to what you will wear next week. Lisa Daily Style Finds
  • Yep, I need to get some red pants after this week. I'm loving the blue striped top look.
  • Nicole Mölders
    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. These outfits are all great, but the one with the leopard print belt is the best
  • Lorraine Boukis
    I love all of these looks and love some fresh ideas for my red pants. I especially love the last look in this post. Can you tell me wear you purchased the tan leopard print blouse?
  • Totally having trouble picking a favorite here! Shelly||The Queen in Between