Create28 / Recap

Well, there you go! A wrap on Create28 and good-bye to February. When Whitney and I started on this round of Create28 we were super excited. I think about mid-way through we both began to feel a little overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about real life in the midst of blogging ideas and goals. I’m sure this is exactly what happened to both of us.

Whitney is a teacher and has extra-curricular activities that keep her super busy. She’s a cheer-leading coach and very invested in her girls. On my end, I took a little trip and then got sick. Can I say the wind escaped my sails in a big way and I’m just now feeling as though my legs are getting back under me. That’s the real world. Sometimes what we aspire to doesn’t come to fruition has planned. BUT we keep on going!

Through this round of Create28 it became apparent during one afternoon of shooting photos what pieces I love in my winter wardrobe. They are easily remixed and worn most often. Those pieces help to create current and past favorite looks.

These looks were created from “my favorite things” in my wardrobe. Polka dots, pearls, denim, mustard skirt, black blazer and that cream blouse. Worn and worn again.

RecapCollageFriends, I think I can speak for myself and Whitney when I saw thank you ever so much for traveling with us through Create28. Will there be another one? I don’t know but I do know I’ll be collaborating with Whitney in the future. She is my friend in the blogger world and the real world.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Carrie ~ xoxox






  • All great looks! And that's what I love about classic pieces! So versatile! So mixable! Ah yes! Real life sure does have a way of getting in the way!
    • Thank you, Sheila! Classic = my faves! Yes, life it's so important to live it and not just watch it.
  • Love the featured looks here Carrie, especially the charmbray with the pearls and pencil skirt. I am glad you are on the mend. Life sometimes just gets the best of us.
    • Sometimes I wonder how I did so much when I was teaching. I just can't seem to get it all done anymore!
  • Laura
    You both had such great looks throughout this! I love seeing you both remix your clothing as well. That black blazer looks amazing on you and fits perfectly!
    • Thank you, Laura! I wish I would have picked it up in a few more colors before The Limited closed.
  • Thank goodness we made it! Haha. And I love that you were able to narrow down some favorite pieces in the meantime :) Here's to another collaboration done and many more to go!
  • You guys did great!
    • Thank you for that sweet encouragement, Shelly!
  • FunkyForty
    Super cute post Carrie, love the styles and photos! So glad to hear you are feeling better again. xox Yvonne
  • These are all fab outfits Carrie, very versatile. You both did a great job! I know life can get hectic in the midst of blogging goals :-) You always look amazing in jeans! thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday jess xx
  • Nicole Mölders
    Thanks for joining the Ageless Style Linkup party. Great outfits!