Faith on Friday #1

As I sit here thinking about what to write and what message I want to convey that is true to my faith and where my heart is at right now, I am perplexed. I had planned to write this earlier in the evening when I was more fresh in my thought process but tonight we went back to our little courthouse square for the weekly music called “Twilight Tunes”. This week we met some young friends from the new church plant where we are currently attending and calling our church home. In my mind I was thinking we would only stay for a little while “because I had some other things to do”.  But my comfort zone of a semi-time scheduled life didn’t meet my schedule tonight. Instead we sat with a young dating couple and discussed how the military had impacted our lives and our relationship. How we had spent months apart and endure that separation only to reunited in times of great joy.

Now as I sit in front of my mac, I’m reminded why all of those months were not just enduring with no purpose. Those times definitely had purpose and we were committed to something greater. I am reminded that basic training for my husband was difficult because he was not 19 but rather a ripe old man of 34 and the second oldest in his company at that time. I was reminded of our great letter writing project. We wrote at least one letter to each other every single day. I was reminded that our relationship encouraged others. I was reminded of how we remained in contact while he was in Iraq for so many months. Basically, I was reminded that we had something to offer a sweet little couple how are most likely on the brink of entering a military career.

What this really boils down to for me is that I was reminded that the Lord has been ever so faithful to us as a couple. He is not in the business of wasting anything that happens during our life. Through our trials {which are promised} His word says, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” James 1:2-4 I know our faith has been tested and that it will be tested again but it is for a reason and for a purpose. Trials help to mature me and make me more like Christ. Though I fight and complain when life isn’t what I want, I am reminded that I am exactly where I need to be and going through a trial or a valley or mountain top experience because those things are shaping me and molding me for a higher purpose.

My so-called “trial” {an extremely loose interpretation of the word} tonight reminded me that sacrificing my time for the good or for the encouragement of someone else might very well be an opportunity the Lord will use to mature me and allow me to think of  someone other than me. {Visions of the video “Me Monster” are prancing through my head right now}.

Friends, be encouraged that trials and suffering are not pointless or meaningless and they don’t last forever. ALL of us will have pain in this world, some will be much greater than others but each of us will know the pain of hurts and disappointments and this is something we ALL have in common. Now I can look back on trials in my life {some much greater than military separation} and be grateful for how I was shaped, changed and matured because of the trial. I would NOT want a do over and I didn’t enjoy it at the time but I can look backward and see the blessings that actually came out of those times. What about you? Are you in a trial? How are you responding to it? Depressed? Angry? Love to hear it….

  • I've been going through a few trials of my own lately. This was a really great reminder to keep my faith and keep moving forward. Thank you!
    • Hope is what keeps us moving forward. Without hope the heart can fall into a despair that prevents us from moving forward. Tomorrow is coming whether we are ready or not. The faithfulness of God will be there tomorrow just as it is today!
  • Deena Simair
    Great post, Carrie. Love learning about this side of you. I'm also a strong believer that great tidings can come out of our trials; they are blessings in disguise. When faced with adversity, I have learned to just listen louder for God's voice. Happy Friday!
  • Deena Simair
    Great post, Carrie. Love learning about this side of you. I'm also a strong believer that great tidings can come out of our trials; they are blessings in disguise. When faced with adversity, I have learned to just listen louder for God's voice. Happy Friday!
    • Absolutely agree, Deena! I would not want to repeat some of those dark, dark times yet I am forever different today because of them. I think the different is a good thing! Thankful for the faithfulness of God.
  • love this and it's so nice so hear more about you and your personal life. I'm glad you went off your schedule and I bet it meant a lot to that couple. Hope you have an amazing, sun and love filled weekend.
    • We had such a great time that evening. I so enjoyed hearing my husband talk about his experiences again. There were things I had forgotten that were near and dear to his heart. People and relationships are so important but I forget that so often and replace them with tasks. BTW we are having beautiful sunny days this weekend! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. P.S. Loved the pics with mini-me & Mr. B at the zoo. That was a great look too - I saw absolutely no frumpyness! :)
  • I have felt in the midst of a huge trial right now, as my boys get older and I try to figure out where I go with the rest of my life. This actually led me to blogging, which has been an amazing experience, and just what I needed. I agree with all you wrote. Thanks so much for sharing!
    • Lana, I understand how life changes as children grow up. Mine is grown and lives far from us. Life always has transitions and it's good to know that blogging has become a place for you to grow and connect. I read your story of how you connected and met up with Susan. I have done the same thing through blogging - met the lady behind Greater than Rubies and then met up with some of the Spring Style Me ladies. Just fun to continue to grow in new ways as our age numbers grow. So glad you continue to stop by and that we are connected here. Who knows maybe we'll get to connect in real life one day! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, friend!