Pray for Texas

Friends, I know you know about what’s been happening in Texas. The magnitude of the destruction and barrage of images revealing the enormity of the suffering is heartbreaking. Truly, I love Texas! It is  not my place of birth nor my first home but I can’t image living any place else while I’m moving and breathing this side of Heaven.

This week I have been touched by the outpouring of my fellow Texans as they came to the rescue of their neighbors. Tragedy has a way of making the playing field level and no longer is race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. a means of division. Survival makes everyone more human. This is the other side of pain. The human side that we all share together. We will all face some type of suffering but it will be different for each of us and yet it is the one thing we all share. Suffering is common to all of us. It is what can unite us if we choose to allow the barriers to come down.

Well, Harvey {meaning of the name is battle worthy} was certainly worthy of an unprecedented battle and yet I don’t think he’ll end up the winner. Instead I think his monstrous angry storm only created loving and caring warriors bent on rescuing every living and breathing being that could be found. Currently, all of the Texas National Guard has been called up to enter the battleground of Southeast Texas in an effort to bring aid to the misplaced masses.

I know you’ve seen images everywhere but I wanted to take a moment to share a few. These people inspire me! There is love, sacrifice, kindness and selflessness. Again, suffering levels us all to the place of simply being human.

Not only are people suffering but animals as well. So many animals…lost, left behind, etc. They are scared and stressed just like humans.

Of course there are those who are just resilient in the midst of dire straits. Oh my goodness!

Then there is this guy that just came to help with his boat….from Kentucky!


I’m grateful to see my fellow Texans and Americans rise up to do what is right and important. Loving people in the midst of their pain and lending a hand. There are mountains of donations and millions of dollars rolling in for aid. I’m speechless at all of this beauty and goodness.

We need your prayers, friends! Please pray for my neighbors and family in southeast Texas. In this we can be united! I hope one day or even in this moment we can lay aside hate….life is too short, friends!

And this is my hope….

Have a beautiful weekend….and don’t forget to pray!

~Carrie xoxxo






  • Yes, this is certainly a situation that brings us together and points our hearts toward the need for unity and prayer.
  • We definitely need to do this - so heartening to see so many people helping though. #weekendbloghop
  • Beautifully written, friend. I love the "this side of heaven" bit.
  • Living on Cloud Nine
  • Fabiola Rodriguez Licona
    Although the devastation in Houston is distressing, it's also comforting to see people coming together to help each other. I will be sharing your post. Greetings from Anna Nuttall's linky!
    • I agree! I love it when we can put aside our differences and help one another. Thanks for sharing!