TBB Asks: January Edition

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New Year, New You! I love the fresh start of a new year but I also have an internal clock that likes to restart in August for a new school year. You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the teacher out of my blood. But I am super pumped for 2018. I feel as though I’m more focused on some things I want to accomplish this year and that makes me excited.

Know what else? I’m thrilled to be her today with The Blended Blog ladies for our first Monday of the month TBB Asks. Hope you’re joining in on the fun with us!

1. Resolutions or not? I’m in for these but I’m more inclined to call them goals. That feels a little less threatening or failure prone.

2. I love snow! I miss that we don’t have much of it in Texas.

3. Where do I want to go this year? At the moment I’m planning a little birthday weekend away to celebrate the hubs turning 45. There is a little hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas that is a converted airplane hangar decked out in WWII decor. He’ll love it!

4. New haircut or color is hard for me to choose but I’ll say cut.

5. Not that special but I want to learn some crafty things like knitting, hand lettering or taking cooking lessons. I found Creative Bug which has lots of crafty things to learn online. I’m excited!

6. January is long. The days are short and darkness sets in early. I have always disliked that and add grey skies and January can easily become my least favorite month.

7. January lends itself to cozy nights by the fire because of the chilly temps.

8. All the Christmas decorations are down and packed up by New Years Day.

9. I’m always kinda dieting or rather watching what I eat.

10. I’m totally focused on the kitchen right now. We are planning some updates during 2018 so I’m perusing lots of little things I want to add to make it oh so pretty.

11. My favorite winter comfort food is soup. Probably any kind of soup or chili.

12. Baking anything sweet. I made this skillet cookie for two on Saturday afternoon to enjoy with our coffee.




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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Gimmie all the soups and man, that skillet cookie looks delish!! It's going to be a great year girlfriend!!
    • Yes, the soup for sure! My hope is for a beautiful year!
  • You miss snow and I miss Texas!!! We moved to Mass. four years ago and I ask my Mr. every day when we're moving back! Hope you have a wonderful week.
    • I'm always amazed when people leave TX. My husband is a native and there is no way to budge him out....ever!
  • I call them goals too! I feel like it's more accheiveable and I'm less likely to fail too. Skillet cookie, yum!
    • Agreed! Yes to the cookie...it was delicious!
  • Lisa Richardson
    I wish I'd remembered to say soups in there somewhere. I do love soups and they are so perfect during the winter. Your skillet cookie on a Saturday afternoon with coffee is so "sweet". What a great way to enjoy a slow afternoon. Perfect! Happy Monday!
    • It was such a perfect little afternoon for sure! :)
  • All the soups and all the cookie skillets! That looks delicious. A happy 2018 to you!
  • My mouth is watering over that cookie skillet, yum!! And yes, this is the perfect time of year for soup. I also prefer "goals" to "resolutions". :)
    • We are tracking together this year, Shea! We might need a little The Happiness Project collaboration!
  • Crafty Carrie. I like the sound of that. Can't wait to see what you persue. I have agree, as a fellow teacher, that I do feel like a get a fresh start 2x a year.
    • Thank you for the encouragement! Once a teacher always a teacher.
  • Definitely with you on the goals vs. resolutions. And that cookie looks SOOO good! Can't wait to see the new things you tackle this year!
    • I'm super encouraged for the new year!
  • I feel the exact way about August and a new school year! Glad I'm not the only one!
    • It's a great time to restart!
  • ohhhhhh that cookie looks good!! yes to cozying up by a fire!!
  • Erin Peyerk
    That cookie looks so yummy and I love the mugs! Nothing like a big bowl of soup on a cold day. :)
  • I can't believe you made that cookie skillet...I have been dying to try that and you have now inspired me.
    • You should! They are delicious!
  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)
    Resolutions are goals for me too and yes to snow, like you we very rarely see any though #DreamTeam
    • A little snow is so welcome in the winter!
  • Moonsomnia
    Oh my goodness that skillet cookie in front of a fire sounds heavenly! #DreamTeam Shevy http://moonsomnia.com
    • It is a perfect for a chilly day!
  • I usually think January feels so blah but this year I'm trying to look at it as a nice period of calm and quiet after the craziness of December. I think it's working and I'm appreciating it much more!
    • January isn't typically my fave month but I'm trying to refocus and rethink my journey for 2018.
  • Another soup lover...Yay! I may have to try skillet cookies!
    • You should! It's delicious!
  • What a fun link up - and it's lovely to learn a bit more about you, Carrie! Thank you so much for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Link party. Happy New Year!