The Perfect Cozy: Buffalo Plaid

Cozy time with The Blended Blog today. It’s our weekly linkup  and we’re featuring our own interpretations of cozy. For me, cozy is something soft or flannel and sweaters all mixed together for the ultimate perfection. Now that screams for a little hot chocolate sitting by the fireplace. Currently, I have no hot chocolate or fireplace in the house…that’s so sad isn’t it?. How about just moving on to a few looks and a little announcement?

I went back to the archives to share these favorite looks with (mostly) buffalo plaid. I am over the moon in love with red and black plaid. Makes me happy whenever I put it on. BIG smiles!

buffalo plaid

Pattern mixing goes really well with buffalo plaid. Keep your colors similar and watch the size of your prints when mixing your patterns. Don’t mix BIG and BIG but BIG and small works best.

never blogged

Buffalo plaid works really well with neutrals too.

plaid + bag

I’m sad to report that I no longer own this sweater. Are you asking “what was she thinking?” Gosh, I wish I knew!! I guess I replaced it with a “better” version but it happens to be more camel and in my opinion and doesn’t mix as well as this one. Sometimes when purging…it happens. Bad choices is what tends to happen to me. But what’s a girl to do? Move on! Use what I have and keep on going.


And then there’s this genuine buffalo print and it’s totally soft and comfy, I might add. Again, a little pattern mixing with different print sizes but sticking close with the same color palette.

dotted skirt // buffalo plaid

black + red buffalo // cream dots

This little piece is perfect for the office and then again it can be put to use for a casual look.

skinnies // buffalo plaid //polka dots

buffalo plaid + polka dots w/skinnies

And now there’s this…A Lovely Little Wardrobe is changing names. This is something I have wanted to do for quite awhile. I’ve gone through many brainstorming sessions trying to come up with a name. And then this happened, A Stylish Fit. I feel as though this “fits” me better {no pun intended} and the direction I want to go in the future. My interests are more broad than just my wardrobe. So going forward I’ll be incorporating more facets to this little blog. I hope you’ll continue to journey with me.

I’ll be talking more about this and a few other things on Friday in a blog post, so keep on the lookout for it. This little piece of the internet will probably be down for a couple of days as the site is moved. My original plan was to go live for the new year but goodness everyone needs a holiday and the sweet lady doing the work for me surely doesn’t need to work during the holidays. Friends, stay tuned and check back on Friday for a few more deets.


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  • Savvy Southern Chic
    Love all the ways you style that plaid!
    • Thank you so much, Fonda! I appreciate you stopping by today.
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Buffalo Plaid Babe right there!!
    • Makes a heart swoon! :)
  • Athena Monica Hinkhouse
    Carrie, I LOVE how you make cozy look sophisticated instead of just messy and frumpy. The navy pika dot shirt with the black/red plaid jacket is stunning on you. I'm always scared to mix those outside of American holidays and you do it beautifully. I'm inspired!!
    • Athena, this comment made my day! Makes my heart smile to know you were inspired, sweet lady! Hope you are doing well...I saw y'all were so busy at work (yay!) and I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family.
  • I'm officially declaring you the queen of buffalo plaid! You do it so well! And I'm excited for your blog transition :)
    • Thank you, friend! I'm really taken with tartan plaid right now but I don't own any. booo!
  • You've reminded me to wear my buffalo plaid flannel! So pretty on you. Your new name is so you, and I'm excited to see the new blog!
    • Get your buffalo plaid on friend!! I think it will look great on you too. I'm excited for the change. Thanks for the recommendation from the lady that did yours. She's doing mine as well. :)
  • ADA
    So many great put-together outfits with a red buffalo plaid top. It looks so good with black+white polka dots too. The outfit with the skirt and with the herringbone vest are my favorites. =) Welcome by and linkup tomorrow Carrie. Thanks.
    • Hi Ada! Good to see you here. Yes, I will hopefully make it to your link up tomorrow.
  • Buffalo plaid is a great closet classic piece! So many ways to wear and I love the showcase you put together!
    • Thank you so much, Ruth! I love your style so your words are super encouraging to me.
  • Yay for the new name! Yay, yay, yay! So happy for you to finally make the plunge! Love all of that buffalo plaid, looks great, and that polka dot just might disappear out of your closet if I ever visit :)
    • You are welcome in Texas anytime...including NOW!
  • you ROCK Buffalo Plaid and I couldn't be more excited about your new name - it's so so so perfect for your stylish and fit self xo
  • Nicole Mölders
    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This buffalo plaid jacket is awesome. I like that it is collarless. What a great find.
  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    That is so true, that mixing big and small patterns works a lot better! I need to remember that. I love the buffalo plaid with the polka dots! Carrie