Christmas Gift Exchange Reveal

cmas exchange(1)
Isn’t it just the best time of the year? Yes, it’s busy! Yes, we’ll all be tired and maybe dreading over eating come January but right now in this moment it’s just the sweetest time of year. And sweetness is what this post is all about, friends!

Today is the Blogger Christmas Exchange Reveal and you are probably here from Sarah’s blog {Foxy’s Domestic Side}. So glad you’re sharing in our fun posts and blog hop today. Well, there is definitely a back story to this gift exchange and it dates back to April 2014. That is when a bunch of ladies from all over the US and Canada met through a style challenge. We became fast friends via the blog world and continue to collaborate together through blogging. We launched The Blended Blog and share our individual creativity as another avenue to share our voices and friendship.

I have truly enjoyed these ladies. It is always a joy to read their blogs and see their families and what is going on in their lives. Each one has a busy life with marriages, children, families, jobs and even grandchildren.  Admittedly, they are much better at blogging, reading and commenting than me. Busy ladies and yet they find time for each other. That is pure sweetness and a true gift. I am blessed to know each of them.

Well, last year we decided to have a gift exchange {you can read my gift reveal post here}. And of course we had such a blast that we had to do it again! Today is the day for our blog hop and gift reveal. YAY!!

My sweet secret Santa was Sarah who blog at Foxy’s Domestic Side. Sarah is married with two young children. When I say these ladies are busy, she is one that comes to mind. How she finds time to blog on top of her day to day life is beyond me! {hubby, kids, job, friends, soccer, fitness….she’s amazing}!

Well, she gifted and blessed me with something I truly wanted but had given up ever finding. Drum roll….the FUR VEST! What do you think? It’s perfectly gorgeous, isn’t it? I absolutely love it!

fur vest close up

Do I look happy? I am happy and excited to wear this for some upcoming Christmas festivities.

fur vest+skinny jeans+green blouse

For me this a perfect Christmas look with the green blouse underneath. I love the black/grey color scheme because much of my wardrobe reveals around black.

fur vest+skinny jeans

Thank you SO MUCH, Sarah! You kinda made my Christmas!

If you’re following the blog hop, the next stop is Nicole at Nick and Nic with the post about the gift I sent her. Here’s the link. Hope you enjoy our blog hop today.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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  • Wow Carrie! Sarah nailed it! You look great in that vest! What a great gift! And you styled it perfectly!
    • She totally nailed! I feel super spoiled!
  • Nicole Miller
    Wow - that vest is perfect! what a perfect present (and thank so much for mine by the way !! xo)
    • Agreed! I totally love it!
  • ok how the heck did she pick one out so freaking perfect for you?!?!?!?!??! Well done Sarah and Carrie you look fantastic in this vest!! Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy
    • She's awesome! I love it!
  • Oh my, did she ever nail this one. That vest is perfection. High fives to Sarah! Deena Shoes to Shiraz
    • She did! How fantastic is this vest?
  • Yay! I seriously looked high and low for this! And of course I found it at Target! LOL. I really wanted one for myself :) But it looks FANTASTIC on you!
    • You found the perfect gift for me friend! I am thrilled!
    • Thank you sweet friend! You made my Christmas for sure!
  • Laura
    That is such a fabulous, fun gift! I just love how it looks on you!
    • Thanks, Laura! I love it!
  • That is such an edgy, fun vest - perfect for the great fashionista you are! I love it. Love that the fur has a decidedly feminine look to it as you are such a gentle lady of grace. You wear it so well and will enjoy it for a very long time, I am sure.
    • It really is, Leslie! So perfect for me and something I really wanted!
  • That is the perfect gift! I love fur vests! Have a very Merry Christmas! Lisa Daily Style Finds
    • I agree! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!
  • My goodness, this vest is perfection on you. What a great gift! Sarah really did a wonderful job, and it looks amazing on you!
    • Thanks, Lana! I love it! Sarah hit it out of the park!
  • What a perfect vest! It almost looks like feathers along with the furriness :)
    • Thanks, Alison! I'm definitely in love with it!
  • Katie Mitchell
    OMG...that is an awesome vest!! What a great gift for you!! Hope you had a blessed Christmas!!