B@M + Friends From Afar

Yes, it’s Thursday and that means it has been one week since I met six friends from The Blended Blog. My heart is still full from the blessing of the experience. Yet there is a sadness that lingers because I know it will be some time before I will see these precious ladies again. Do you know what I’m talking about here? How can it be that these ladies became so precious so quickly? One weekend and I feel as though I have known them my entire life. How cool is that? It’s mighty cool and there are really no words to adequately express my deep affection for them. These are the ladies of The Blended Blog.

So what happened this past weekend? We met up for a blogging conference in Las Vegas (B@M or Bloggers at Midlife). We arrived at different times but this the first picture of all of us in the lobby of the Venetian. Seven strangers about to embark on a friendship in real life.

So who are they?

Far left corner is Sweet Sarah {Foxy’s Domestic Side}, above her is the tall blonde, Lovely Lana {Two Teens and Their Mama} and then it’s Savvy Sheila the Italian {Making the Most of Every Day}. Another tall blonde from the Mighty Midwest of Minnesota, it’s Alluring Alison {Puppies and Pretties}. Then it’s the Canadian duo of Darling Deena {Shoes to Shiraz} and Sassy Shaunacey {Simply Shaunacey} {and I mean that so enduring Shaunacey as one who has endure the name of Little Miss Sassy Pants for years – I might hand it off to you for safe keeping}. Coming full circle is me.

*Click on the links to read about their experience in Vegas.*

That was Thursday evening and Friday morning we were up early and off the conference. {Sheila wrote a great post on Monday about what she learned. I’ll just ditto it. You can read it here.} Alison who braved Las Vegas on her own and ended up walking 31 miles during the weekend. The rest of us listened to some great blogging content, spoke to sponsors and ate some great food while we chatted about blogging and life. Perfect combo in my book.

Here’s the famous “hello I’M FABULOUS” tees from Chico’s. {You can enter the giveaway for a shot to win one too ~ Size M + a leopard print bag}!

Planning out upcoming posts for The Blended Blog.

And we’re off to a party in the Nissan. Well, not really but we were having fun anyway.

On our way out the door to explore Vegas, shop and find some food. All of these are easily accomplished in Sin City.

Tuesday was Deena’s birthday so we celebrated early. Our two favorite Canadians, aye!

I love Canadians!

Why am I always so serious?

Sweet Sarah in the skirt we were all coveting. What a perfect feminine look don’t you think?

Sheila’s new ride when she retires the minivan. Future is looking good and hip for you savvy one.

These two mommies in a pod became fast friends. So much in common and I found their fast friendship so endearing and purposeful. Made me so happy that they found one another.

Sweet Sarah is the selfie queen. She basically took most of the selfies. Here we are in the conservatory at the Bellagio learning how to take pictures of the back of our head in case we want to share a great hair style. Yep, that is the extent of my selfie skills. Scary, aye?

Waiting for the fountain show at the Bellagio.

And of course a picture with random strangers is always appropriate! Would any trip be complete without one? No, of course not.

This is what happens when we shop together.

And this about sums it up. Friendship! For us that is what makes blogging. Of course we all want followers and sponsored posts and comments but at the end of the day it’s about relationships and ongoing friendships. That’s why we traveled to Vegas. We wanted to meet one another. We wanted to enjoy each other’s company in real life rather than just a Google hangout. And we did and we were blessed!

What did I discover through this trip? Well, as you can tell from the beginning of the post I named everyone. I found that what I had learned about them through their blogs and Google hangouts was really who they are in real life. I wasn’t surprised by anyone’s personality, humor or other traits. I felt I already knew them but just hadn’t met them in the flesh. And because of that the entire trip was enjoyable being with them.

Sarah really is sweet. She’s thoughtful and caring. I loved her gentle spirit with tinges of fiestiness. Her smile is infectious and inviting. She is someone people just gravitate toward because of her warmth.

Lana is lovely. She adults well and let’s everyone be just who they are without trying to change them. She is thoughtful and kind. Honestly, Lana is super easy to travel with because she is so easy-going. She just makes everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Sheila truly is a savvy Italian with roots in her homeland. She got there early and had so much already scoped out before the wheels of any other plane touched the runway. She is organized and focused and made sure we were on task.

Alluring Alison was a little mysterious but that’s because she can be a little quiet and shy in the beginning and not because she’s an undercover spy or anything. I felt like she was a piece of my home because she lives close to where I grew up. She is adventurous and easy-going.

My darling and daring Deena is always on an adventure. Always ready for the next big challenge she inspires us all with creativity and organizational skill. What can’t she do? I haven’t figured that out. When I grow up, I want to be her! For real!

Sassy Shaunacey is so spirited. She is funny {of course I knew this} with her sarcastic and perfectly timed wit. She speaks her mind with all he inner passion for life. She is a go-getter with a zeal and zest for life and living. I love her spunk!

Wouldn’t you like to be their friends too? You can! Read their blogs and enter into their worlds. Laugh, cry, learn, be challenged and be engaged with all of them. And there’s more precious peeps like these. They can be found on The Blended Blog.

I am blessed because I know this to be true of friends and I see it in these ladies:

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to be in Vegas with these friends.

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  • Wow! What a great summary of everyone! This is a well-crafted piece Carrie! Well done!
    • Thank you, Sheila! This post was a joy to write.
  • I love that you know yourself so well- you are so Canadian, apologizing all the time. Makes me love ya even more!
    • I could be Canadian...except for the cold and the snow and the gun free zone. :)
  • Christy
    Great post Carrie. I was most surprised to hear that Deena was over taken by Sarah as the selfie queen. When we travel together we always have Deena's head up close and personal and the rest of us behind her. Happy to see one of the infamous shots in this post!
    • They are both amazing when it comes to photography. I just need lessons and even when I get them I just can't make it work. I cannot wait to meet you, Christy!!
  • agree with Deena, you really are pretty much Canadian... minus the whole gun thing lol I just love how you described everyone and it's so true, it really didn't seem like people were much different that I had thought they'd be... in the most wonderful way. It was such a great pleasure and honor meeting you and getting to know you. Your sweet kindess and soft-spoken humor were seriously a breath of freshair! I hope I didn't overwhelm you with my wild and crazy ways :) Until we meet again!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    • I adore you! I have since the first style challenge. Just blessed to meet you in real life and count you as a friend.
  • Aww! Can it just be Toronto 2017 yet?? And I'm so glad that I've been added to TBB family because if I weren't, this post would make me want to be!
    • So glad you're in Whitney!! I also can't wait to meet you in real life. Just cannot wait!
  • I miss you already! You are such a blessing to me, and I'm so glad you're in my world. Wish we could do the weekend all over again.
    • I miss you too, friend! I just feel a close connection with you. Thankful to have you in my life.
  • OH my goodness, I just found myself smiling through this whole post! You friend are just the sweetest thing ever! I am lucky I can now really officially call you a friend, instead of someone I know on the internet. My life is more full because of The Blended Blog ladies.
    • You are just a sweetheart. I knew it through a Google hangout and it's true in real life.
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    So happy to read this and it makes me even more excited to meet you all. Love ya all in the floral dresses. What beautiful, precious souls!!!
    • Cannot wait to meet you!!!
  • So much fun and what a great place for you gals to meet up because its so fun and there is so much to do! Also, traveling really is a great way to forge friendships. I am still great friends with a group of girls I traveled through Europe with during a study abroad trip almost 3 years ago. Erica www.pumpsandpushups.com
    • It's true! Friendship can truly be forged through out of the norm experiences. This weekend was just a huge blessing!
  • Loved reading this and can't wait to meet you all at the next one!
    • Oh, I can't wait to meet you, dear! Cannot wait!
  • Oh, my. Oh, my. I feel like I know the girls all a little better having seen them through your eyes. I have taken off on an adventure to meet in person someone I first met online and I found they were much as they presented themselves virtually. Kind of reassures your faith in mankind. Or womankind! Thank you for sharing your observations about our mutual buddies. Great post.
    • Hope you can make the next meet up my dear!
  • Susan {ofeverymoment}
    Carrie, I found your blog and The Blended Blog through my friendship and blogging associations with Lana. I loved reading about the conference in all of your posts - and I feel like I know you all a little too, as a result. So glad you all had fun!
    • Hi Susan! I have heard so many good things about you from Lana! So glad you stopped by and hope to continue connecting in the future through blogging!
  • Katie Mitchell
    These really are the best posts! Having a blast reading everyone's recaps. Loving all the insights about one another and the honesty...wishing I was there but this is the next best thing!! Toronto!!!
    • Yes! You better make it to Toronto, dear!
  • Linda
    Great posts! Love the tee!
  • How do you know I'm not really an undercover spy? :) Your description of Lana is right on #AdultingGameStrong I'm so glad we finally met in person and now I know without a doubt to never get on your bad side, because you could totally beat me up because you are crazy ripped :)
    • IDK, maybe you are a spy?!? So glad we met too, Alison. Can't wait for Toronto!
  • Love the pic of you gals waiting for the fountains. But all of them are so insightful to the great time you spent together. I feel like I know each of you better having read your posts.