How to Wear Shorts for Fall

Fall blog hop

Today is my first time to contribute to The Blended Blog. It’s a new blog collaboration with a group of ladies that I met through several style challenges. We have been taking turns sharing ways to transition summer pieces into Fall.

If you follow me then you know I live in Texas and am accustomed to long hot summers. Even though summer is exiting in many parts of the country and Canada, it still continues to hold on a bit here in the South. This means we will continue to wear shorts for a little longer. I don’t mind sporting shorts when the temps drop a bit because it’s not my legs that typically get cold it’s my shoulders and arms. This means I will most likely be wearing shorts for a little longer but will change from tanks and sleeveless tops to something a little more covered.

Since we (the contributors) of The Blended Blog are featuring transition looks through our blog hop, I came up with a couple of looks that I really love featuring shorts for fall. I was just a little excited when my hubby liked these looks too. Again, I don’t specifically dress for him but I enjoy his input and he knows what I like, what I’ll wear and if I actually like it on me. I so appreciate his input. Can you relate to that issue?

The first look is really comfy and cozy. When fall rolls around we all have to break the plaid don’t we? This particular plaid is a little muted but I think the soft colors add a touch of femininity to this look. The top pieces can easily be worn with a variety of bottoms other than the shorts. I anticipate changing out the shorts for skinny jeans in the coming weeks.



The second look is another one that is comfy and will transition super easy by changing out the shorts for a different bottom. For this look, I think I would choose colored bottoms in burgundy, black or purple which will work well with this camo jacket. I might even kick it up a notch and wear a pencil skirt with heels!



Our transitioning blog hop doesn’t end today. Next week we have another installment with Lana who blogs at Two Teens and Their Mama, Deena who blogs at Shoes to Shiraz and Casey who blogs at A Little Bit of Cheer. I hope you’ll join them next week for their original style and some great ideas to transition into fall with style.

  • This is very interesting to me because we could never get away with transitioning shorts up here...way too cold already. Unless they're bringing back those culottes that we used to wear with tights....that may work.
    • For the love of mankind, please do not bring back the culottes! Grab the tights and go with it, friend. You would ROCK that look!
  • Our shorts weather disappeared a few weeks ago. I love all of these looks, especially with the booties. Very pretty, my friend!
  • Katie Mitchell
    Love, Love Love, that you chose shorts for this! It's not hot here like it is in TX but there were some pretty warm days still. I could have used this. Will file away!!
    • Yay! I love knowing this inspired you!
  • Super cute! These look really comfy too! Perfect for a warm fall weekend!
    • Thank you, friend! Yep, it's weekend wear for sure.
  • LOVE these looks!! I'm not big on shorts but you look fantastic in them. If I wore shorts right now I'd freeze my butt off (like Deena lol)
    • Please do not bring the culottes back!!! If you have the urge to sport some shorts reach for tights! lol
  • We finally have fall here in El Paso!!! Did it come your way, too? Will keep these great looks in mind for the sunny, cooler days ahead. You have such great legs, if I put this look together will my legs look like yours?? Pretty please?
  • You seriously rock the shorts look with those legs! I really, REALLY like the plaid with the vest and shorts. It's still pretty warm here. I might have to try the shorts+plaid+vest look. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Casey
    Well you KNOW I am a fan of shorts and plaid!! I just love that look with the plaid and your perfect vest! So awesome! XOXO
  • Both these looks are super cute! (You look great in shorts!) I like those boots - I have been looking for some just like that! Lisa Daily Style Finds
  • Love this on you, gorgeous legs with the boots too. I want to get a pair of leather shorts for fall. jess xx can you send me the linkup link so I can post? thx!
  • I love the look of shorts and booties! Perfect outfits for a warmer fall day! Jill Doused In Pink