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And just like that Whitney and I decided to get back at it with Create28. This is a series I started in February 2015 by creating 28 new outfits from what was already in my closet. The series has crossed seasons and had lots of guests along the way. Now we are bringing it back and posting back and forth for this Winter ’17 Edition. There will be Monday Link-ups and if you’re prompting along you can use the hashtag #create28winer17 on Instagram.

We usually start the series with a Go-To Look and today is no different. What pieces create a go-to look in your wardrobe? Why is a go-to look important? I love to have at least one go-to look that’s versatile so when I’m in a pinch to put something together, I’ve already got it covered.

When The Limited was putting their stock on sale for 70-80% off back in December, I decided to make a few purchases. One of the best purchases I made was this little top and blazer. They have become part of a go-to look for me. As soon as I put it on I knew “this is going to be a go-to look for me.”

Go-To Look

skinnies + blazer

All these pieces came from The Limited. Purchased at different times and seasons.

Why is this a Go-To Look? I think a Go-To Look should be easy and put together while having some versatility. I wore this to work on Friday when things are more casual. I would wear this if my hubby and I went out to grab some dinner or a movie or a casual Saturday bumming around. I would even wear this to church as well.


blazer + skinny jeans

I’m a little bit of planner, organizer and multi-tasker so I have to admit that I like to be prepared. Having at least one Go-To Look ready definitely makes my life easier and my mind more peaceful. I like to be prepared! These are some of my previous Go-To Looks from Create28.

Go-To LooksAs I’ve been paying more attention to my style and preparing for this go around of Create28, I have to say that even though I’m not a capsule person {completely} I’ve started to really remix the pieces in my wardrobe that I love. You’ll probably see a little or a lot of remixing from me through this series. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

As I was typing this I reminded of a verse that spoke of being prepared. That is what I will leave you with today.

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. ~ 1 Peter 3:15

I’m also participating with The Blended Blog ladies and New Year Styled. This look fits that as well. Link up with us today, friends!


Hope you are prepared for today, friend. Have a BEAUTIFUL one!

Carrie ~ xoxo

Here’s the prompts and don’t forget to post your look on Instagram #create28winter17.


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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Fabulous as ever!!! This is the perfect weekend date look and one I would wear with my hubby!!! That necklace pops with perfection and great color combo!
    • I could see you in this look sweetie! You would rock you always do!
  • Amy
    Good Morning Carrie - you have hit the nail on the head with this outfit. The color of the turtleneck is just so perfect for you and your skin/hair tones, you look amazing. I purchased a black blazer a few years ago during one of the Get Your Pretty On style challenges "Build your wardrobe basics". I have used it so many different ways, it's hard to go wrong. I'm curious from the email how to link to your guest host site in March, I can't find the link?
    • Hi Amy! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I wasn't sure if this little top was actually going to be a good color for me but I totally love it. Black blazer = I'm obsessed. Are you referring to the Currently link-up? If so, it won't be live until March 1.
  • Christy
    I just printed the graphic so I can play along...... your go to look is similar to mine except I would swap the blazer for a sweater. Easy and stylish!
    • Yay! I can't wait to have you play with us!
  • Jodie Filogomo
    I am a huge fan of blazers, Carrie!! To me they just add so much umphf to an outfit. I can totally see why this is a go-to for you---it's mine too!! jodie
    • Thanks, Jodie! They just add structure which is probably why I love them. I totally love structure in all areas of my life to be exact.
  • I love that blazer on you! I always feel a blazer can really pull together a look. I think this would be my go to too!
    • I totally agree with you. Can't believe I didn't wear them for years.
  • Yep! This is definitely a Carrie go-to! I would say that other contributing factors are the warm neutral of the turtleneck and the overall structured nature of the outfit!
    • Confirmed! You know me so well!
  • I want my go-to look to be your go-to look so polished! Love it.
  • Your go to look is definitely you! You always looks so beautiful in a blazer - and I love the color of your turtleneck!
    • Thank you sweet friend! I'm feeling more myself lately in style since I've been tracking my looks.
  • I love outfits like this that can be worn all over the place. That blazer looks fantastic on you!