Currently: February 2018

February 7, 2018(1)

Hello there friends! Month two done for the Currently series. I’m hoping to go 12 for 12 this year. Love me some Currently with Anne in Residence.

Finishing ~ More books in a month then I ever thought I could. I shared a post yesterday about these books. Not really review but more along the lines of thoughts. You can read it here. Oh, and I read the Book of Hebrews too.


Subscribing ~ I haven’t been subscribing to much but I do want to become a podcast follower. I’ve had great recommendations to listen to Gretchen Rubin so that is where I’m going to start. Now, on another note, I’ve really been trying to unsubscribe so my inbox stays empty.

Wishlisting ~ Some pretty things for Spring. I love the color palette that I’ve seen so far. The pinks, blues, and greens are shades that are speaking me to me and inspiring me as well. These are a few things from Old Navy that are speaking to me lately. I’ll share more during Wednesday’s style post about these and a few other pieces.


Watching ~ I’m excited that The Voice is coming back on in February. I get a little sucked in even though I tell myself that I won’t. It happens. Of course, like most people, I’m totally in for This Is Us. Who wrote this storyline? They are geniuses! Of course, I’ll be in front of the TV Friday night for the Opening of the Winter Olympics and then I’ll watch and watch and watch. Some other programs I take in on the regular are Gold Rush, Fixer Upper and Beat Bobby Flay. Open for suggestions for something to binge on Amazon though. Go!

Hearting ~ Do Y’all know Shelly, The Queen in Between? Well, she shared this awesome t-shirt a week or so ago. I’m totally hearting and adoring it!

Buffalo Plaid shirt Valentines day holiday womens love shirt arrow tee gift for her

What are you up to currently? Love to hear about it in the comments.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • I've jumped on the podcast wagon, too, so thanks for the Gretchen Rubin recommendation. Can't wait to check it out! Have fun today, Carrie!
    • Hope you enjoy, Laura! Thanks for reading!
  • Anne always has great podcast recommendations! I'm sure you'll be able to find many you enjoy.
    • Agreed! I love her blog for so many reasons.
  • Ashley Ziegler
    I need to read The Happiness Project. It's been on my list forever!
  • Shelley's tee is precious. Thank you for sharing it. Hadn't seen it. Going to check out your thoughts on the all of the books you read in January!!! Girl!!! That is just crazy. I see a theme of happiness among some of the titles. I am sure I will find a number of books to add to my Goodread to-read shelf. I have been unsubscribing, too. Waaaay too much clutter in my email inbox. Like I mentioned to Laura, I don't really get the whole podcast thing. But maybe I need to investigate further. Hope you will do a review of your thoughts and encourage me to give them a-go! XO
    • Oh, Leslie! Thank you for your encouraging comment today. Have missed you!
  • I used to deal with junk emails in my inbox a while ago, and it was so great. And I hope you enjoy Gretchen Rubin's podcast - I definitely recommend subscribing! :)
    • Again, you are always on top of things! Love it!
  • shootingstarsmag
    I really need to get back into podcast listening. There are so many great sounding ones out there! I hope you find some you enjoy. Ooh cute t-shirt!! -Lauren
  • Some of my favorite podcasts: What Should I Read Next (of course!), The Simple Show, Women's Work, the Next Right Thing, and The Lazy Genius (most of the time).
    • Thanks for the recommendations!
  • Sarah
    I was just looking at that floral shirt from Old Navy, it is so cute for Spring!
    • I love that it has a fun floral but also some great sleeves.
  • Oh I like that shirt from Shelly!! So super cute! And oh this is us. And yes to the olympics. The time of he year I get no sleep and watch all of the things.
    • I wish I would have ordered but I didn'!