January: A Recap


The Happiness Project ~ This book is most likely one of my favorite of all-time. Something in Gretchen’s writing style and honesty just appealed to me. I loved how dedicated she was to research happiness and share her findings. I totally enjoyed what she focused on and what allowed her change during her yearlong happiness project. Like me, she wasn’t really unhappy but rather just want to improve areas of her life that weren’t up to the place she wanted them to be. This book was the push I needed to help me organize and focus on making changes in a realistic manner that felt unthreatening and doable.

A few months before 2017 ended I had made up my mind that I wanted to be more intentional with my life and time during 2018. I spent some time thinking about different areas of my life and created some broad strokes to help guide me. This was all in my mind of course. I didn’t really put anything down on paper. Enter The Happiness Project which helped me to put teeth and feet to those lofty ideas floating around in my brain.

{ONE} The Blog

One area of my life that I wanted to manage better was my blog. I have gone back and forth with stopping but I think that really centered on the fact that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish. I felt like I was just following other bloggers around and hoping I’d become them in some form or fashion. But friends, that is not at all what this life is made up to be. That fact led me to the place where I decided to create this space into what my heart and mind had always wanted it to be. I decided to share more of my struggles, my thoughts and of course, my faith. So I continue to work on my own content and develop that more fully.

{TWO} Living My Commandments

As I’m tracking with My Happiness Project, I want to be intentional to share a recap each month of how My 12 Commandments actually fleshed out and areas I tried to focus on during the month. Having said that, I didn’t actually finish The Happiness Project until January was already under way. Then I tried to get myself focused and organized to make January really productive but instead I let my commandments ruminate in my heart and tried to live them out. When I was unsure of something, I thought *Be Carrie and that gave me confidence. When I was tempted to think ill of someone or a situation I remembered *Don’t make assumptions. Thinking about *Be defined by God, not the world gave me the courage to write this post. And so it goes…

{THREE} Being Crafty

I did make a list of things of want to pursue learning this year. January allowed me to begin that pursuit. I made some cupcakes and decorated them. I also purchased some knitting supplies and I hope to get started on that venture soon along with more cupcakes and cake balls. I wrote a post about it here.

{FOUR} Getting Published

One accomplishment I’m particularly proud of is finishing a chapter for a group book. I believe the launch date will in March. I will update as I know more. The title is In Her Shoes: Me, Myself and I.

{FIVE} Reading Books

What else was on my list for January? Reading books and man I even surprised myself on what I accomplished. The truth is this: it was cold and I wanted to stay in the house so I dug in and got some books under my belt for 2018. I’ll be sharing a few thoughts on what I read, which are not really reviews per se.

What’s next…

Well, what’s on tap for February? I’m planning to work on cupcakes and cake balls. I hope to share them with my co-workers on Valentine’s Day. I decided to sign up for a mentor through my church. I think having a more mature Christian woman in my life right now would be helpful. I’m going to try and start some knitting. Oh and I promised my friend, Tabitha, that I would go to yoga with her. It’ll be fun!

You know how February is all about love, right? Well, I think a loving thing I can do is to reach out to some people and try to start some new dialogue or maybe make amends if need be. This falls in that area of *Do what is right.

I’ll keep you posted…

12 Commandments

Be blessed~ Carrie

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  • I love Gretchen Rubin & took her advice on setting a word or a theme for the year instead of countless resolutions. Did you know she also has a podcast? It’s amazing!!
    • I didn't know she had a podcast! Is it on her blog.
      • Yes, you can listen straight from her website or via an app on your phone. It’s been going for a while so you’ll have so much to listen to!
      • Awesome! I'm definitely checking this out!
  • Yes, I love the Happiness Project too! And definitely you should check out her podcast if you like Gretchen Rubin - it's called Happier. If you go back to the early episodes in the archives, those are more about happiness (the later ones get to be a bit more about her "four tendencies" framework and habits - still super interesting though). Love that you are doing a project for yourself - this sounds like a really manageable way to do it, and like you're going to be doing a lot of great things for personal happiness and growth through it. Love your commandment list! And the idea of working on cake pops :)
    • Anne, I truly wish you were neighbor in real life! I would knock on your door and pick your brain about so many things that you're totally on top of...like all the time. By the way, I felt like I channeled you a little this week when I featured my red blazer in my style post.
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    I can picture you in your kitchen creating cupcakes and cake balls with so much love!! That is what you offer the world my friend, your precious heart in so many ways an it's beautiful!
    • I don't know why this has fascinated me lately but it totally has right now. Can't wait to work some magic in the kitchen for my co-workers.
  • Amanda
    Carrie, I am so happy to have found your blog this morning through the Friday at the Fire Station Link Up! I feel like you and I have been on a very similar journey in January, and I LOVE your commandments, I may take some time this weekend to write some of my own, and I've added The Happiness Project to my list of must-reads. I'm over at www.AmandaStray.com and made a decision in late December as well to get much more intentional with my blog. Like you, I felt like I was always trying to copy what other people were doing instead of just bringing my full, authentic self to my work. It's been tough, but it gets a little easier with every post I write. I look forward to reading more and following along with your journey. Have a beautiful February!
    • Thank you so much for stopping by Amanda! I appreciate all you have said here. I stopped by your blog and added you to my bloglovin' read list.
  • I LOVE your realization about blogging...I think we all went through that at one point and everyone is finding their niches and voices and that, my friend is a great thing, because I love yours. I seriously feel so calm after I read any of your posts.
    • Thank you so much for saying this. I so want to touch people's heart and have them enjoy my blog. It feels so much easier to write when I'm being myself.
  • Congratulations on SO MANY things! I especially like your first commandment!
    • Thank you, Michele! I loved how life came together during January.
  • You know when you talk yarn supplies, that makes me super happy
    • Yay! I hope I can actually get started and make it happen.
  • I feel VERY much the same about blogging. It's a weird thing but I think I'm feeling much the same as you about it. I knew I couldn't give it up.
    • I can't give it up but know breaks are definitely good. Being myself makes it easier to write too.
  • Your cupcakes are quite delightful. Have you ever perused Sally's Baking Addiction? It's a great resource for yummy recipes and baking tips. Cake Balls is actually her baking challenge this month. I have been reading a lot this year also. I only set a goal for twelve books and I'm already at three. I might accomplish that one. :) Have a lovely weekend.
    • I haven't heard of Sally's but I just checked it out and added it to my bloglovin'. Thanks so much for the heads up.
  • Congratulations on being part of writing a book. That's so exciting. I got a lot of reading done in January as well. Winter is the perfect time for curling up under a blanket and reading!
    • Thanks so much, Angela! I love sitting under a blanket and reading for sure.
  • This was such a heartfelt Friday Favorites! I encourage you to Just Be You. There's no need to compete with anyone else out there because you are unique and valuable, whether it's in the blog world or your real life. :) Have a wonderful weekend!
    • Thank you, Tanya, for your encouragement! I appreciate it so much! Truth is always most inspiring!
  • Cupcakes...always a worthwhile endeavor! Way to be crafty!!!
    • It's so fun to bake and bake pretty things.
  • Love this little look at your January. I've been really struggling with my blog - still not sure what I want it to be, or if I want to continue. But being yourself is a must - and I always feel "you" shining through when I come here.
    • Please don't quit blogging! I love your voice, friend!
  • I love your 12 commandments Carrie! So inspiring!
  • You are on the right track, my friend! I love seeing you be true to yourself and what makes you happy. You deserve it!
  • This book sounds life changing. I need to investigate it more. Will enjoy following you on your journey. I need to know more about the book that you are working on as a joint project. Pray tell! I have felt much the same way about my blog. This year I want to have my blog reflect more of me and be less about linking up and following others' lead. So glad to have reconnected with you! XO