Currently – May 2017

mayFollowing along with Anne in Residence for her monthly Currently post.

baking ~ I’m still baking grain free muffins. I have made like a zillion in the last few months…and that’s crazy because there is only two people in our household. We have eaten LOTS of muffins. I made these last week and they were hit! The recipe is here from Life Made Full.

These Banana Cinnamon Muffins are grain free and sugar free, and are SOO good!

listening ~ I’ve mainly been listening to my iPod as I drive back and forth to work and run errands during lunch. I need some new music! I wrote a post this week about a song that really touched my heart. You can read it here. You can also listen to the oldie but goodie.

loving ~ I’m loving the days when the temperatures are warm, the sun is shining and skies are blue but April had plenty of storms with hail and rain. I’m hoping that is behind is May.

planting ~ I wish I was planting flowers but living in an apartment/town house is now allowing for that pleasure. Instead I’ve been enjoying flowers wherever I’m seeing them this season. Cannot wait to be a homeowner again and plant my own flower. I’m remembering these roses from our backyard last Spring.

remembering ~ Fun things from a year ago  when I went to Las Vegas with these blogger friends. A bunch of them are meeting up in Toronto this month. I opted out this time {which I’m sure I’ll regret} but as life would have it we have quite a bit going on with a new house in the works.


And that’s what is Currently happening with me! What about you? You can check out what other bloggers are doing Currently by clicking over the Anne in Residence’s blog for the link-up.

Have a beautiful day!

Carrie ~ xoxox









  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh how I am gonna miss your sweet afce!!! You have a new house happing too? You, me , Dee and Christy moving into hers this month…fun times and decorating times, lol!

  • I’ve been looking for easy breakfast recipes that I can prepare in advance and then just grab in the morning. I will have to try this muffin recipe!

  • I also miss your roses.

  • Same here on the weather…looking forward to some more sunshine soon. And that recipe sounds good – I love having muffins around for quick breakfasts for my little mister.

  • I’ve been baking lots of muffins as well! Those roses are beautiful! Hopefully you’ll be able to plant some more at your new house. I am looking forward to warmer weather too. Thanks for linking up!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, I love meeting bloggers. I’m sorry you aren’t able to go on the trip this year but next time!!

    Mm…muffins! I haven’t had one in forever.


  • I wrote about the blogger meet up last year too in my post today! :) I hope next time you can join us, but know that we will miss you a ton!

  • I really like the simplicity and the reflective pattern of this post. It made me pause and think about what I would write for each of the headings. Sometimes saying no to things we really want to do, like the gathering with your friends, is hard. I hate missing out but life is full of choice and compromises. I love that Keith Urban song too, well I just really like Keith Urban. Have a great weekend.