Currently – April 2017

It’s Currently time with Anne in Residence. I love these monthly check-ins and the different word choices each month. Here goes…


accomplishing ~ I was accomplishing a free online Accounting class but I got distracted. So many distractions all the time…goodness! But I will get back on track because I want to finish. I would then be accomplishing a goal! Yay for that!




needing ~ It’s that time of year when swimsuits are on my mind. Since I’m now living in a place where I have pool access a new suit is definitely on my brain. I ordered one from Old Navy and I think I’ll keep it.

product photo

product photo

feeling ~ originally I was going to say that I have been feeling overwhelmed with not enough time to do all that was on my plate. I was feeling that way for several weeks which totally caused me to withdraw and even shut down a little bit. BUT I’m happy to report I have had the opportunity to regroup and am feeling on track. Either way, time also marches on…


practicing ~I am back at practicing pull-ups. When I turned 50 I had a goal to do a bunch of these all in one day {read 100 in sets of 10}. I did accomplish that goal and now I’m practicing to do that again. We’ll see what happens come August when I turn 54.

pinning ~ My pins lately have been all about Whole 30 and Paleo recipes. I’ve tried some that were great and at least one that was not so good. I’ve also pinned a few cute spring outfits that are on my wish list. Bye-bye Winter pieces and hello Spring! This has been my new favorite recipe.

Chicken in Coconut Mango Verde Sauce - my family LOVES this 30 minute meal and I seriously dream about the incredible creamy sauce!

So that’s what’s happening Currently with me. What about you?

Carrie ~ xoxox

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  • Woah, go you on the pull-ups!! And I’ve been finding myself pinning a lot of recipes too – especially with spiralized veggies – as I think I’m just looking to get out of a rut. That one you posted would definitely change up the usual flavor profiles around here. Might have to try it!

    • My husband is the spiralizing king! He tries to use it for every vegetable. Truth is – it works!

  • Erin

    I definitely need to do some bathing suit shopping and have been eyeing some at Old Navy myself. We are going on vacation this summer and will also have a community pool in our new home so it’ll get a lot of use! I don’t think I’ve been in swimming in 2 years! Yikes!

    • I hope you find one! I got these pieces for $10 each.

  • color me impress without pull ups, so sharing that in on my Friday Loves this week :) You always amaze me Carrie. Glad that you are feeling less stressed…and Old navy for the bathing suit win. I’ve been eyeing some from Target…waiting for a bathing suit sale…

    • I saw some great ones at Target too! Actually, they had the high-waisted bottoms which is where I got the idea. Hope you find a great suit!

  • You are awesome! I don’t think I can even do ONE pull-up, yikes! I’ve been pinning all the spring things too, I love the clothes this time of year. And that chicken sounds so good!!

  • I’ve decided that high waisted swim bottoms are something I want, and I’ve eyed this pair from Old Navy. Might have to get them too!

    • I think I loving them! Get you some! :)

  • I can’t remember the last time I bought a bathing suit! You inspire me friend – as soon as my shoulder tendinitis gets better, I’m trying some pull ups!

    • I actually couldn’t really do one when I first started but I just kept on until I gained strength.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I think my new suit from last year will still fit okay. I know my sister is looking for one though! I hate trying to find something that fits okay and I’m mostly comfortable with.


    • These pieces were $10 each, which I thought was a great deal.

  • That recipe looks scrumptious. Pinning. And you put me to shame with your bathing suit body and your pull ups. The only pull ups I know about these days are called Depends.

    • I’ve made it twice and we LOVE it. So good!

  • That recipe looks AMAZING! And bathing suits were on my list, too!! Anne suggested I check out Old Navy as well :)

    • It is amazing! I’ve made it twice and we LOVE it!

  • Oh my gosh! That video of your pull ups! I don’t know how I could ever get my body to do that. Amazing!

  • Dang, Carrie! You make me want to go work out. That’s awesome! Also, love that swimsuit!