Friday Favorites: New Blogs I Love

friday favorites(5)Sometime late in 2017, I deemed 2018, the year I would be it, do it, live it, face it, etc. Well, maybe not completely in those words but I had a thought process to address areas of my life and conquer some goals. Of course, the blog fell in there in the midst of goal setting.

Things I want to accomplish with my blog is to be more real and authentic while sharing content that is heartfelt and honest. I want to be better at responding to comments while reading and commenting more on other blogs. I made a little bit of a hard and fast rule {covered with grace though} to add some new blogs to the ones I currently follow. I’m not really an email subscriber because darn it, I want to my inbox to be low maintenance. Therefore Bloglovin’ is where I follow blogs. Love the app where I can easily read on my phone or read through the website when I’m at home. I love the one stop shop so to speak.

So today’s Friday Favorites is all about some new blogs I’ve found and am following. Ok, I admit I’m most likely not reading every post but I am reading and following as time affords me the opportunity. Let me say one more thing, many of the new blogs I’ve found have been through The Blended Blog Link-ups, especially the first Mondy of the month with TBB Asks. The other link up where I’ve found new blogs is Currently with Anne in Residence. Currently is a monthly link-up on the first Wednesday of the month.


Wildbloom. Love the name and that is the first thing drew me in. Then Amber’s writing style and content kept me coming back. Amber typically avoids capital letters which makes me think she just simply writes for enjoyment. The clean lines of her blog make me feel at ease while I visit to peruse and read.



Knit Together By God’s Hand. Rebecca has so much to offer on her blog. She’s a reader, an exerciser, a photographer and she has an Etsy shop. I love all the things. She also hosts a link-up each Thursday {Thankful Thursdays} and a monthly link-up {Wellness Wednesdays}. You are bound to find a way to connect with her and truly enjoy her blog. I know I do!

Knit By God's Hand


The Horton Family. I’m confident many of you already read Laura’s blog but I’m fairly new to find her. She blogs about different things in the lifestyle vein. I love her Thursday Thoughts, which I think is a fabulous new series. She is down to earth and genuine. She’s a Louisiana girl which means were neighbors.

The Horton Family


Coast to Coast. I found Lisa after she kept faithfully stopping by my blog and commenting. I would click on her Disqus link but her blog wasn’t linked so I thought she wasn’t a blogger for several weeks. Then I found her through the Spread the Love Gift Exchange with The Blended Blog. We got paired so bam I found her. Yesterday she posted the backstory to her blog. Loved it and I hope you’ll take a moment to read it.

Coast to Coast


Sally’s Baking Addiction. A reader left a comment on one of my posts about cupcakes and cake balls that Sally was featuring cake balls this month. I headed over to her blog and I’m hooked. She will keep me baking for a long time and super happy about that. Don’t these look delicious? I’m trying the recipe this weekend!

Chocolate cake pops from scratch! Homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with sprinkles! Recipe on

Y’all I truly enjoying blogging right now and even more than just my little place, I’m also enjoying others spots. I know we all put our hearts and time into this so I want to be sure to highlight blogs that have captured my eye and time as I read them. I hope you find someone new to follow.

Have the best weekend!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • Awe I love Laura too.
    • Thank you, Amanda! Happy Friday!
  • Erin
    Those are great blog choices. I tend to stick with my same favorites but I’ll check out these as well.
  • Oh thanks for sharing this! I have some new blogs to read now! :) Hope you've been having a lovely week! Another busy one here, but not as stressful as last week so that's nice :) Away From The Blue Blog
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    I know and love all these ladies except # one, I will have to check this one out. LOVE you too precious! Happy weekend!
  • Oh my gosh, Carrie! After such a hard week, I can't begin to tell you what this surprise shout out means! I literally have tears in my eyes! Thank you so much, friend, and I am looking so forward to reading and loving more about you, too! Have a wonderful weekend! P. S. I love Lisa's blog at Coast to Coast, too! Now I'm headed to check out the others!
  • It's been too long since I've added any new blogs to my Bloglovin' follows... thanks for some great suggestions! It is fun to find new friends via Currently posts, isn't it? Glad you think so too :)
  • Thanks for this post! Of course, I already love Horton Family and Coast to Coast, but I'll be sure to check out the others!
    • Lisa Richardson
      And I love the Other Side of the Road!!!❤️
  • Ahh - thanks for the shout out. I am so excited about checking out the other - though I do love me some of The Horton Family already - she's fantastic! So glad to have found you in blog land myself lady!
  • shootingstarsmag
    That's great you're really enjoying blogging. I love finding new blogs - and link-ups are a GREAT way to do so! -Lauren
  • Lisa Richardson
    Thanks so much Carrie! I love that we can follow each other and be blogging buddies. So I didn't even know the Disqus link was still on my blog...that's crazy. I tried it for a few days and couldn't figure it out. That being said, I may be trying it again. Have a wonderful Friday!!!
  • Katelynn Hegedus
    Thanks for sharing. Reminds me I really need to get on bloglovin! #weekendbloghop Katelynn,
  • I think you’re doing a fantastic job at being authentic and true to your voice! Have a great weekend!
  • Stacey Keeling
    I love following new bloggers and gathering new inspiration.