Grace & Gratitude 2

Grace & Gratitude-2

Let’s focus on gratitude for just a moment on this Monday. For me it’s the start of another work week but I am encouraged to go to a job that I am enjoying.

Well, taking the time to think about how grace and gratitude have intersected my life this week allows me to reflect. Reflection is something I have been missing in my life lately. I have rushed from one thing to another for more weeks than I care to count and all the while not stopping to ponder how richly I am blessed.

I have to admit that since I returned from Vegas I have been totally struggling with a really messed up digestive system. I mean to be honest, I have some issues that I’m trying to work through but eating differently and being off schedule has really made me quite miserable for a last couple of weeks. By grace this week I made a few simple changes in my eating schedule to alleviate some stress on my digestive system. I’m so thankful for a few days without bloating and tummy rumblings. Now I have one more thing I’ve learned and I can incorporate that into the mix. It takes so much work to pay attention to your body…but it is worth the time and effort.

By grace my hubby and I were affirmed as members of the new church we have been attending. On Wednesday we attended the member meeting where sweet brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for us. We were super grateful to have been a part of the meeting and hearing all the Lord has been doing in the lives of the members.

I talked to my daughter a little bit this week and she is doing so well. After having to move on short notice she found a place with her roommate and they both love it. This was an answer to prayers that we prayed for her. She also got two of the most adorable kittens. Who wouldn’t want these? I’m so grateful to know she is doing so well.

Can I just be grateful for enjoying my job and the people I work with each day? This is grace to me and I am ever so grateful to work with such wonderful people. Yes, I’m still basically pushing paperwork but I am in a position where I interact with a variety of people. I truly enjoy that and it encourages me.

On Saturday we stopped by our local Community Market. Wasn’t I surprised to see a vendor booth with one of my previous students? Katie was in one of my 4th grade classes. She was such a sweet girl and has carried that trait into adulthood. I don’t exactly recall how old she was when her sweet daddy died but I remember receiving a phone call that she wanted to see me. I went to her house and prayed for her in that sad and tragic time. By God’s grace I was allowed to be a part of her life and receive the blessing of seeing her on Saturday. I’m ever so grateful. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. ~ Romans 12:15

IMG_2817{I’ll be talking more about shopping local tomorrow}!

As we were leaving the Community Market, my hubby spied some bees buzzing around the flowers and plants. We stopped to admire their busy handiwork and marveled at the key role they play in pollination of the plant world. Immediately words of Scripture flowed through my mind, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted”  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:2 + Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Matthew 6:26. I am grateful knowing the Lord is providing food for me through these tiny creatures.


We watched a movie this weekend called The Intern. If you haven’t seen it you should! It spoke to my heart about the how valuable seniors are in this world. Robert De Niro played a man named Sam and throughout the movie he reminded me so much of my dad it was uncanny. From the way he studied people, combed his hair, the glasses, the tucked shirt and of course the handkerchief, I saw my dad. I am grateful for the message of the movie and seeing an actor play someone so close to my own dad in so many ways. That was grace to me. Enjoy the trailer!

Grace + Gratitude = remembering & celebrating the small things that breed joy + contentment. How have grace + gratitude been intersecting your life? Let me hear from you even if it’s only one way. Enjoy the day!

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  • Living on Cloud Nine
    First of all, so loving this new Blog look and your profile pic..Hello Model gorgeous!! I adored the Intern too, spoke to my heart for sure. Love seeng former students, just saw one who always used to give me an apple just the other day. Your posts always lift me up girl, thank you and may your week be off to a lovely start!!
    • Thank you, friend! Changing up what I'm posting about has been a great encouragement and motivator for me. Glad it lifts you up. Have a great week!
  • Nicole Miller
    I loved that movie too! Also, how great is it to love the people you work with? I'm also lucky. Since you spend most of your time at work it's good that you love the people!
    • I agree! Working with wonderful people makes the days sweeter.
  • I'm glad that you are feeling better! I go through phases where my digestive system is just not happy with me but I feel on track lately. And those kittens, oh my goodness! They are too cute!
    • I know, right! Those kittens...who could resist? Not I nor you if the truth be told. :)
  • I will add the Intern to my list of movies I want to watch this summer. Also- those kitties are adorable!!!
    • I hope you love it. Think of meeting Carrie's dad via the big screen experience.
  • I have wanted to see that movie since I saw a preview!! Gotta get on that!! My stomach has been hit and miss since Vegas too... I'm thinking it's highly related to the reintroduction of dairy. Delicious but not kind to my system lol. I'm not a cat person but those kittens are freaking adorable. Why are baby animals so flipping cute? I'm so so so glad you're enjoying your job, it truly is a blessing to be doing something you enjoy! Have a blessed week and thank you so much for linking up! Simply Shaunacey
    • I would agree on the dairy, friend. It can be hard to digest. Baby animals are always cute so we'll want to be their mommies too. Thank you for starting this link up. It's good for my soul.
  • Love how you combined grace and gratitude today. Your post gave me a much needed lift this morning. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    • Thank you for sharing that, friend!
  • What a beautiful post Carrie! Life has been busy for me lately too and I fear I also haven't taken much time to reflect. I'm so glad you have a job that you love and that you enjoy the people you work with--that makes such a difference! I don't think I take the time to remember that enough--while I don't love my job, I DO really love so many of my co-workers, and I have really great, understanding bosses as well. Thanks for this reminder!
    • People are so much more important that what we do to earn a living. Those relationships can be life changing. That's the blessing!
  • Oh, I love the way you've combined grace and gratitude! I have NOT seen the Intern yet! We actually rented it from Redbox about a week ago just to discover we no longer have a way to play DVDs at home. What?? I know... Oh well. Loved reading what you are grateful for! ~Sheila
  • I loved loved loved the movie The Intern, it was just so sweet and I admit it I cried. So happy your daughter figured out her living arrangements and is doing so well. :)
  • This has to be one of my all-time favorite posts you have written. So much to be grateful for. Happy that you have a new church home. So glad your prayers were answered and your daughter has found a good living arrangement that meets her needs and those of her new cutie pies. So darling!! Running into former students can be so rewarding and heart-warming. Congratulations on reconnecting.