Grace + Gratitude 3

Grace & Gratitude-3

I’m thankful to my friend Shaunacey {Simply Shaunacey} for starting her series, Monday Moments of Gratitude. It is reminding me to stop and think about what is going in my life and heart. Am I grateful or am I living with a sense of entitlement? Sometimes I really don’t like the answer to that question but it’s so good for me to travel there because that is what can bring change in my life.

So grace and gratitude…how did they intersect in my life last week? Reality Alert: I’m about to get real!

Well, the biggest point of intersection would be through reading an article by Paul David Tripp entitle Speaking Redemptively. {here} I hate to admit but I have read this article more than once in the past while going through courses in Biblical Counseling. And although I know the truths of this article I have NOT been practicing them. My heart of reconciliation and restoration has cooled and been replaced by an attitude of entitlement. Yuck! But the grace of God allowed the words of the article to rekindle truth and gently nudge me back to the bedrock of what I believe in how I speak. I’m grateful for conviction without condemnation. {There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1}

I was also reminded that kindness leads to repentance. By grace the Lord was kind to show me my heart. {…God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance. Romans 2:4} I’m grateful for his kindness.

And the grace of God just kept on going this week as His kindness kept being displayed:

  • We had two minor {that could have major} problems at work regarding our facilities. A generator alert that went off and an A/C until that was frozen up. With vital equipment in my workplace it is imperative that equipment does not go down and take out other super vital equipment. The burden of reporting those issues and following through rests on me. Although I wasn’t exactly sure how to navigate through those problems, nothing disastrous melted down {including me} and I was complimented on how I handled each situation. That is total grace to me because inside I was sorta, kinda melting down. And then sweet kindness! No one had to extend a compliment to me. Another kindness…my aluminum free deodorant held up in the stressful situations. {Grateful!}
  • The Lord was kind to me as I read through an Instagram feed and found myself getting jealous {nothing new here for me} and my desire was to go down the pity trail of self-absorption and list how I have been short-changed in life. BUT, instead I looked at the situation through the eyes of truth and realized how richly I am blessed. My life and blessings look differently but still I am gifted and can use those gifts to pursue the desires that are on my heart. Choosing to be grateful here instead of jealous was grace to me.

I am grateful for so much more but this week I have been blessed to see the sweetness of the Lord touch various parts of my life.

I hope you have a moment to share what you are grateful for in the comments. We need to rejoice together about our blessings.

Hope you have a most beautiful week!








  • Living on Cloud Nine
    You, my dear, have the heart of a servant of the Lord with your amazing heart and uplifting attitude!! I know our hearts struggle but just know you are a gal I admire so and it is posts like this that definitely lift my Monday morning!! Hugs for a great week ahead!!
    • Thank you, friend! I think I'm finally hitting the place of honesty where I want to be. If I'm going to spend so much time on this thing then I just want to be real.
  • I am so thankful you are joining me in this because I can sense it's having a profound impact on you as it has me. I also love how honest you are Carrie, it's so hard to admit exactly where we struggle and the jealousy thing is something I have battled too. I LOVE how you flipped it and turned it into a beautiful thing. You are amazing.
    • So grateful to you for starting this series which pushes me to be grateful instead of ungrateful. Thank you so much!!
  • I hear you on the jealousy struggle with Instagram and other social media outlets. I feel like I have had a really hard time with this lately, especially since I already feel I'm going through a bit of a rough patch personally. I just keep reminding myself that everyone goes through ups and downs. This is just a down for me and my up is hopefully coming soon...then my Instagram will seem just as happy as everyone else's! In the meantime, I'm very blessed in what I DO have so I try to focus on that!
    • You hang in there friend! Take the high road because you are worth it! xoxo
  • I love reading your posts on Mondays, makes me remember and be/feel so grateful for everything I have around me.
    • This comment blessed me, friend!
  • You have such a beautiful heart, friend, and it comes through in this post today. So beautiful!