It’s Vest Season + TBB Link-Up

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Well, if it’s vest season in Texas, I can only imagine what’s it’s like in your neck of the woods!  We have been having some colder than normal temps so it’s layers everyday for sure. For me, I’m finding it a little refreshing to have chilly weather. I mean I’m already cold all time anyway!

I have a few vests in my closet but my go-to is the J. Crew Factory Herringbone Vest. It is so super versitle which means it can get lots of wear with a variety of looks. Classic neutrals are where it’s at for me, right?! All these pieces are my style love language.


By the way, on Saturday I got my hair re-highlighted and trimmed by the granddaughter of a former co-worker. Funny thing, I knew something was off. Everyday when I would put on my make up and get dressed I just looked off and I couldn’t figure it out. She assured me it the color of my highlights. Guess what? She was totally right. I felt so much better and looked more myself in this hair color. Feel like myself again.



So I wear this vest quite often and yet when I went through pictures, I didn’t really have any previous looks with it. How weird is that? I thought I would have a bunch to share with remixing this vest but alas, I was incorrect. However I did find a couple to share.



merlot leggings & vest

Another vest that I do wear on the regular is my olive military vest. It’s also so neutral and so versatile. I guess it’s sort of in the classic vein too. It’s great for any season so here’s a few selfies featuring it.




Friends, I hope you have the best day! Thank you for stopping by and reading. It means so much to me!!

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • The air colour looks great Carrie! xx
    • Thank you so much! I'm loving it!
  • The herringbone vest is so classic for winter. I loved how you styled it.
    • Thank you, Laura! When I don't know what to wear, it's always there just waiting for me.
  • I wish it were vest season- I struggle because they suck to wear under the giant parka. Sigh. My all time fave vest on you is that military one.
    • Oh, yes! I totally get it when trying to put something over it!
  • I'm with Deena. I love vests but they are so hard to wear under coats. I have to wait for fall and spring.
  • I love vests in the fall and winter. I need to get a military one to work into my wordrobe. Yours looks great on you! Sierra~Beautifully Candid
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    You make me want to dig out my vest just like that! You wear it soooo cutely!
    • I know it's somewhere in that beautiful closet. Wish I was closer and I'd come over and help you find it! :)
  • Laura
    I love your highlights on you! They can make such a difference! I've been wearing vests all the time too. I know some people have a hard time wearing them under coats, but the J.Crew one isn't too puffy and I have a couple coats that work. Or if it isn't too cold I just go without!
    • I think J. Crew has the best vests hands down!
  • Your highlights do look great! You're making me want to start getting those again :) I love that herringbone vest--it's so versatile! I have a green cargo vest that I've had forever and I still love it so much! I don't think I'll ever part with it :)
    • Truth on the highlights - I figured it was the best/easiest way to hide the grey. So far it has been!
  • I love this vest! I especially love it win the tan pants. Your highlights looks great too! Sometimes all we need is that outside point of view! Brooke pumps and push-ups
    • So true, Brooke! Someone's perspective is always helpful to me.
  • Gosh i love vests, so I can see why you'd get a lot of wear from both of these!! I've actually been wearing mine more now that I figured out I can layer them over a jacket too!! Your hair looks fabulous Carrie!! XOOX Jodie
  • You've reminded me to pull out my military vest. Such cute looks on you!
    • Yes, yes get it out and wear it! It's so versatile!
  • Lisa Richardson
    That vest is timeless and a great piece. We are kind of like y'all in the weather dept. here in CA. Vests are usually as heavy as we need to go. I hadn't had my hair highlighted in a year and my mom did it while we were home for Christmas (former hairdresser) It really brightened up my face. Crazy how it can make such a difference.
    • I think that's why I'm loving highlights instead of one color. I feel my face is much brighter!
  • Yay vests. You are right that herringbone vest is a total classic.
    • You are the vest lover premo!
  • Monica L
    I Iove the vest and those purple pants!
  • Melissa
    Everyone needs a good vest that they can style over and over! I adore both of these vest, specially the military one ;) xo Mel
  • Maureen O
    This is such a cute vest and herringbone is such a classic. I love how it works with so many outfits. Your highlights look great! Maureen |
  • Adriele Dixon
    Carrie, I love the vest!! You've been my favorite link up forever! Thank you for joining our link up today! -Adriele
  • I love all your cute outfits, and your hair color and cut are both great! Love the layers! I found your blog through the Friday at the Fire Station link-up and followed you on Pinterest and Facebook and would love for you to follow me! Pinterest… Facebook…