Searching for Spring + TBB Link-Up

Hello sweet friends! The 4-1-1 today is Spring is coming…March 20th will make it official. I know we are barely into February and winter has a stronghold all over the place but for some reason I am excited about Spring style. Normally, my lines between Spring and Summer get totally blurred but this year the color palette and the patterns have me super inspired. So, I’m planning to embrace Spring in all of its beauty.

To help me pull together that Spring wardrobe, I spent some time at our local Tanger Outlet Mall doing some “research”. I love all types of research and this trip was especially fun for me. It helped to look at my own pieces and make some choices that would be great additions to compliment what I have already and make my wardrobe fresh again.

I basically went to three stores: Old Navy, The Loft and Banana Republic. *all these stores are factory outlets

I stopped by Old Navy first and these are the pieces that I thought would be fun to share.

I loved this top. The print was so pretty with subtle blues and a little pinky blush. Normally, I’m a tucker because everything is long on me but I felt as though this top could be left out. I tried some blue pixie pants with this top. Like button on this look.

foral top

I loved this striped sweater as a completer piece. Honestly, in the mirror it did not look this big but then the photo revealed the truth. Way too BIG for me but a fun little sweater I just adore.

IMG_7376Oh my gosh! I am in love with blush so much! I want some blush pants but these pixies didn’t work too well for me. This blouse with blush is a fabulous combo though.


This top is versatile let me say. Blush, blue or red buttoms all work well with it. Now that is the kind of top that I’m looking for in my closet. Yep, this blouse is a untucker and tucker. It works both ways. I have to say, I really want red pants in my closet and this blouse works get with red too.

IMG_7381 2

I loved the fabric and sleeves of this top. Here’s where the pinks and blues of the season just work together beautifully. This top could be tucked and untucked as well.


Next up, The Loft where I found a few more pieces that fit into the color palette I’m focusing on right now for Spring.

I loved this little top. It has a subtle stripe which can’t really be seen in this photo. I adore the sleeves and the fact that top fits. It could be tucked or not. I also have wanted some green buttons and these were the color I was looking at for my wardrobe.


I found another pair of red bottoms. This top totally looks great with red but honestly, I didn’t see an other tops that really caught my eye.


Then I spied this red pencil skirt. Oh, my! I so want a red skirt and it fit! Dang it…I just felt this was going to push me over the top of dressy for work. If I worked in another department, then yes this could work but I would be overdressed. Even though our dress code is Business Casual we are one step down from what that really means.


Last stop was Banana Republic which has become my new love. Their petites fit me well and their style is me. Having said that, I didn’t find all I was looking for in my color palette.

I love trousers. I just do. They are not body hugging and are very forgiving. Banana’s trousers are cut for a rectangle/straight shape like me. These are the Ryan and they are my favorite. I so want some pink/blush pants but these were tad too pink for me. I loved the white blouse though. No iron and cute little birds on it.

I saw lots of things at Banana that I totally loved but again the color palette…stay focused Carrie! I stayed focused.


Here’s the question of the day? What did I buy? Did I buy anything? Was this a reasearch trip or did something end up in my closet? Let me know what you think and what pieces you like (if any).

Don’t forget to add your link today. It’s Wednesday so that means it’s The Blended Blog Style Link up Day.

Thanks friends! I really value your input.

Be blessed! ~ Carrie

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  • I cannot wait for spring!!! Love the outfits you picked!!! I love the yellow top and stripe cardi are such a pretty combo!! I also love those pink pants
    • You would look great in all of these pieces!! Plus you have perfect lip colors to go with each look!
  • Living on Cloud Nine
    Adore the title of this post! And the yellows and reds have me smiling. You look fantastic! xo
    • Oh, thank you sweet lady!
  • I am such a fan of yellow AND such a fan of bell sleeves right now - so I'm spotting all kinda of cute stuff here!
    • I just had a blast perusing and trying things on for Spring!
  • Laura
    Those blouses from Old Navy are so cute! I love the prints! I think I need to check them out with my super cash!
    • The Old Navy in our little city has become really awful and I was not going to shop the brand at all. Then I discovered them at the outlet and it is pristine. A total breathe of fresh air. Changed my mind and perspective.
  • I'm all about spring clothes! One of my favorite seasons to shop for. I recently ordered a couple pair of blush/pink pants to try- I hope they end up being a good fit! I love the ones you tried! Brooke pumps and push-ups
    • I'm totally addicted to the pink/blush pants this year. They have captured my heart.
  • Those are some great finds Carrie! I especially love the blue and blush top, the navy striped top, and the red pants!! I sure hope you came home with something!
    • Thanks, Sheila! That top has some pretty sleeve detail but it didn't show up in the photo.
  • I just love pink fact I bought a pair from LOFT during their recent 70% off sale!! You have to admit, that you picked some fabulous pieces, Carrie!! I'd be surprised if you didn't get anything!! XOXO Jodie
    • I sure did pick up some pieces. I'll reveal which ones in a different post...just to keep it fun!
  • I really like that floral top from Old Navy!
  • So funny - I just tried on a pair of red jeans today, but I didn't think I could pull them off. Love the red on you. And the yellow floral top - hope you bought that!
    • I think you could pull them off but I would just adore you in blush.
  • THe blue and white striped shirt!!! Love it!
    • I could totally see you in it.
  • Oh I hope you bought that striped top with the fun sleeves! That's my favorite. I really like that yellow floral top as well. You're making me want to go shop for spring!
    • Thanks, Shea! I'll make a reveal in another post. :)
  • Soooo many good finds! I *almost* went to Old Navy after seeing this today, but I held strong on the temptation :) Especially because it's going to be forever before we can wear anything remotely springy around here... another winter weather watch for 5-7 inches of snow tonight. Anyway, I love those two bell-sleeve tops on you (not an area I've branched into yet, but you make me want to try!), and those blush pink pants too.
    • You guys up North are just getting pummeled with snow and cold weather this year. Glad you got a break for your anniversary.
  • Kellyann
    Dang, I think everything looked great on you! What did you buy? It would be a very hard decision for me if I were you - I would want it all! You look amazing in each piece! xo, Kellyann
    • Thanks, Kelly! I'm holding off to share in a different post when the weather cooperates so I can embrace spring.
  • Mimi Mama
    Carrie you always look utterly fabulous. I confess to just a wee bit of! Mimi xxx
  • I hope you kept that red skirt! I'm glad you showed the navy stripe with the pink pants....I have similar items but had not thought to pair them!